Thursday, August 23, 2012


the 'little miss lane' is a first grade teacher and has the cutest room ever! before her kiddos find their new desk and chair next week, i went to visit her classroom to help with the little things... like tying bows, decorating calendars and finding storage solutions for the trim, boarders, charts, oh my!

i took a picture of a cute little note she has at her desk from a student last year: 
Thank You, God, for... Ms Lane. 
someone is doing their job right!

the fish tank is a new addition to the room.
meet 'squirt' and 'dori'. 
friends of ours have a 3 year old and each month they take on a service project to help someone else. last month it was a police officer, this month it was a teacher! the idea behind the project is to teach their little man about helping others- so cute!

proud of my little sister and the love she has for her job.
those new little first graders sure are lucky!

too all teachers out there: thank you for all you do!!

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