Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lovely Ladies

If you read my last post you know that I came across some lovely ladies at Sheridan French' photo-shoot last weekend! I am so honored to have been apart of this fun day and be amongst some truly pretty ladies and amazing bloggers!

I thought I would introduce you to some of them (ones that have a blog/shop) so you too could be inspired as well: 

Molly and Sally at A Piece of Toast

Nina at The HSS Feed

Stephanie at Bless our little Nest

Be sure you check out her beautiful Etsy Shop too!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Worth the Wait

This past weekend I stepped out of my 'box', I mean WAY out. 
A few weeks ago on of my favorite bloggers, Sheridan French, posted as casting call on her blog and my dear friend over at Team Hatchell convinced me to submit my pictures. With hesitation and very little expectations I did. I mean, lets be real- who wants a 5'4 model?! (and plus modeling is not a word in my vocabulary..)
Long story short, the beautiful Sheridan asked me to be one of the models for her 2013 Lookbook! Cool right?! 

So this past Saturday we all met up for a fun (but oh-so hot) morning of photos and fun! I had **a blast** and got to meet some truly beautiful ladies from Dallas/FortWorth and beyond! 

Now the wait starts---official photos from Saturday will be posted in September... until then you can check out Sheridan's current collection here

Thursday, July 26, 2012

if your really knew me...

{this is me getting into costume to make some wounded warriors smile!!}

I’ve seen this cute little post on a few of the blogs a read (everyday) and so I finally caved too!   If y'all really knew me... (in no particular order what-so-ever)…

you'd know I lived in Germany for 13 year of my life. No, I don’t have a German accent when I speak English and yes, I am fluent in German.

you'd know that I spent my first two years of college in Barcelona, Spain. Looking back I wish I kept a blog during that time. The Internet wasn’t always reliable and social media had not really kicked it yet.

you'd know I would wear my ‘boyfriend jeans’ and pretty headscarf every day if I could.

you'd know that I'm in the yoga studio almost everyday and have a life-goal to be a certified  yoga teacher by 2013.   

you'd know that I have dinner with my college roommates almost every week.

you'd know that one of my biggest passions is volunteering with wounded warriors and seeing them and their caregivers smile:)

you'd know that I love my crazy family, and that we spend a lot of time together, all the time.

you'd know that I like vintage, flea markets, trade-days and junk. I like that every piece in my house tells a ‘story’.

you'd know that I LOVE breakfast foods, but have a protein shake and cup of coffee almost every morning instead. I like to savor every bite of breakfast, which would be too time consuming for an everyday occurrence!

you'd know that I pass out easily due to heat and crowds.. there are scars on my forehead to prove it.

you'd know that I took a ‘big girl’ step this year when I left my ‘corporate America’ job to follow my heart and passion when I was asked to join a non-profit (helping wounded warriors!!)

... Did you do one of these?  I'd love to read it - link yours in the comments below please.
What's something I wouldn't know just from your blog?

Monday, July 16, 2012


Team Hatchell and The Lane collaborated on a delicious meal a few weeks ago. While the Mrs. sipped on a tasty red wine, Mr. Hatchell was shakin' up a delicious summer bourbon drink in mason jars... I had to have one. Needless to say, its my new favorite summertime drink. (Mason Jar is an added bonus!)

Here's how to make your own 'unnamed':
(creative heads are still working on the perfect name for this one...!)

In a mason jar:
6 oz limeade (see how-to below)
2 oz bourbon 
crushed ice 
-close with lid and shake

Add 2 oz club soda
--garnish (if you wish)

1 cup fresh lime juice (6-7limes)
1 cup sugar
6 cups water
Mix until sugar dissolves
Chill in fridge prior to serving 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Breakfast : Rosemont


This week, a group of us girls got together for breakfast. I love these girls, for trusting me with scoping out new places in town to try! We met up in Dallas' Deep Ellum at Tracy Miller's latest and greatest ROSEMONT. If you have been to her restaurant LOCAL, then you will know she has an amazing chef and her attention to detail is outstanding!  

The feel, vibe and taste of Rosemont is all the 'word on the street' promises is to be. 



Every year on July 11th, you can treat yourself to a FREE Slurpee at 7Eleven. 
That is just what my sister and I did this week to cool off on a very hot Texas day!
Go ahead and mark your calendar for next year! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

In a Box

A few months ago I moved into my new apartment- Practically two blocks away from where I lived before. I love the neighborhood and the cute 1930's homes that are converted into duplex/triplex, all while keeping the character and cuteness of the homes. 

Funny story about moving into an older home: the doors are more narrow then your regular doors. Odd- I know. So trying to cram my favorite sofa into my new place was more than comical. We tried both doors at all angles, but there was just no way it was going to fit. 
After a few months of shopping around and measuring countless sofa's to see if they would fit through the doors, I discovered that IKEA has a few sofas with 'some assembly required'. Translated: you can get a sofa in a box. 

IKEA is a treat. Growing up in Europe, we always made a 'day-trip' out of it. Browsing the upstairs (decorated areas), stopping for MEATBALLS! and then off to the downstairs to buy all the fun items you can't live without;)
Yesterday, my sister and I made the trip, meatballs and all! 


Pictures taken by TheLane

Pictures and details of the new apartment to follow soon; Box-Sofa and all!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Favorites and Birthdays

Google Reader- My weakness. But also where I keep up with all of my favorite bloggers and their beautiful blogs. Yesterday, some of my favorite bloggers posted some stunning pictures in honor of our great Nations Birthday. I wanted to share them with you: 

This one is from the beautiful Jenni- Fellow Texas girl!

Sydney- Your blog, stories and family are beautiful! 

Dear Randi- Your blog and creativity is inspirational!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I have always loved the quiet, peacefulness of the country. Getting away from the city lights, the fast-paced schedules is something I always look forward to. 
This past week, that is exactly what I did. Drove off the back-top and onto the gravel road to spend time with my handsome rancher. 
(I'm smiling just telling you about my visit!)

I am blessed to have a job that 1) I love, and 2) I can work from anywhere with. Packing up my laptop and meeting deadlines can be done from anywhere- even the ranch!
ranch week

This past week I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do. But here are two of my favorites: The first one, is from the first few seconds when I finally turned off the black-top road and onto the gravel dirt road!
The second is my view from where I unroll my yoga mat when I'm at the ranch. The back porch get the morning shade and breeze- and the view is hard to beat!