Wednesday, September 25, 2013


long locks are my favorite. 
getting really long locks takes time. which is why when they need a little trim, i almost clinch with every snip of the scissors. but when you have the best hair dresser in town - who also covets long locks, you know your in good hands. 
if your in dallas and are looking for your favorite new hair cut, color and style, let me know!

just a few days ago, i finally had to trim up the ends and get a fresh new shape. 
there's not a huge difference... but to me, cutting off 4inches is a lot! 
which is why i took before and after pictures... 
long, a little stringy and straggly 
still long(ish) fresh and bouncy

i love of a good hair cut, makes you feel better instantly. 
its like the time you spend in the chair has magical powers!

Monday, September 23, 2013


this weekend went by way too fast. as always. 
i tried to capture as many memories on 'film' as possible, but there were still not enough!

i got to have this little cutie has my weekend buddy- miss stella! 
stella, your little personality made me smile all weekend long! you are welcome back any time:)
saturday my sister and her fiancĂ© were in a wedding, so my mom was my date, and i was hers- it was a blast - we snapped this picture together just after the ceremony and before dancing the night away on the dance floor of the dallas country club! oh, what a night!
mark + james dress. similar here and here
my sister, mom, sisters fiancĂ© and me - can you tell we had a good time?!

now, i normally stay far away from the bouquet toss. however, i didn't know many people at this particular wedding, so i thought it would be a good idea to elbow my way in for a dramatic effect action shot.  that part happened.  the part of catching the bouquet went to the lovely lady in front of me! she put up a good, fair fight;)
oh sundays- you are so good. 
especially when the weather in dallas feels like california weather- even if just for a few short hours- it made for the perfect brunch and catch up session with my bestie! 
if you haven't tried boulevardier in oak cliff yet, you need to add it to your 'must visits' asap. 
it was amazing! 

 oh, and incase you missed last weeks 3-part series of some amazing #BloggingBeauties 
you need to read up:

Saturday, September 21, 2013


happy weekend to you!
this is a first for me.. blogging on a saturday... first time for everything i guess. 
but i just adore these pretty ladies too much to wait until monday to introduce you to them!

i hope you have been following along and met the 'b l o g g i n g  b e a u t i e s' in round one  and
 round two
he ladies i'm introducing you to today are ladies i love communicating with, reading their blogs daily and whom i love finding encouragement from to keep on blogging!  plus making new friends is what its all about:)

in no particular order, and because its hard to pick a first and last.. i love em all... 
meet: lauren
lauren and i met (in real life) over a year ago at a sheridan french blogger- appreciation photo shoot! if i remember correctly, lauren was just in the beginning stages of her new blog - and today she has one of the best houston-fashion blogs on the block! always out and about and dressed to impress!
lauren and i bond over all things hunting and camo... but we were ahead of the fall trends of 2013!
just in time for the upcoming hunting season lauren sent me these darlings:)
meet: brittani 
as you know the lovely aubrey designed my blog (and i love it!!). because i love her work, i like to follow along her portfolio page to see other pretty blogs she has been working on. which is where i came across the beautiful brittani over at linen & lace.  
i left a comment on her new blog design, started following along on her blog and found out shes a fellow texas girl with a wonderful heart and love for the Lord! 
meet: brittany
last of the 'b l o g g i n g  b e a u t i e s' but by no means least- is the beautiful bride-to-be brittany!
i came across her blog a while back now, and this post has stuck with me every since.. i think i have read it several times since then. 
since following brittani's blog i have so enjoyed her intentional posts on Christ centered relationships, praying for your significant other and growing together in your faith. 
we have exchanged multiple emails over the past few months... and i am happy to say this pretty lady has me hooked on a wonderful devotional. best part about it is, i have gained a wonderful new friend!

all of the 'b l o g g i n g   b e a u t i e s' in round one, two and three have grown dear to my heart! 
i look forward to each blog post, comment, tweet, email and letter from each and everyone of these ladies! i hope you have found ladies in this big-blogging-space who you connect with, are encouraged by, learn from and build friendships with!

e a r l i e r   t  h i s  w e e k :
t h u r s d a y || blogging beauties 1 
f r i d a y || blogging beauties 2 
s a t u r d a y || blogging beauties 3  

Friday, September 20, 2013


good morning lovelies!
as promised, this little 'b l o g g i n   b e a u t i e s' is a three-part series... 
did you catch yesterday's round one?!

the ladies i'm introducing you to today are ladies i love communicating with, reading their blogs daily and whom i love finding encouragement from to keep on blogging! 
plus making new friends is what its all about:)

in no particular order, and because its hard to pick a first and last.. i love em all... 
meet: ashley
ashley just re-launched her blog- i am loving the feel and design, be sure to stop on by and leave her a comment! 
ashley's blog got me hooked merely because i love the variety she posts about- from adorable outfit and 'c u r r e n t l y   l o v i n g' posts, c o o k i n g   p o s t s and because who doesn't love a southern girl!?
meet: kasey 
i came across kaseys blog through theresa over at 'from foothills to fog' blog. 
her p i n t e r e s t inspired outfit posts are so cute- she's making my fall closet wish-list expand ;)
meet: mallorie
this sweet girl has been a favorite for a while now. if you are not following mallorie on her blog or on instagram you are missing out. seriously. 
mallorie and her husband are exploring alaska one amazing picture at a time!
and because she is oh-so-darling we have started a 'real mail' exchange as well. we both agreed hand written notes should not be a thing of the past- so pretty paper and stamps are being sent from texas all the way to alaska as you read this post today!

happy weekend!
be sure to come back tomorrow for the final post of three-part series of the 'b l o g g i n  b e a u t i e s'!!
x o x o

Thursday, September 19, 2013


hello hello!
late in the week is better then not at all, right?!

the blog world never fails to surprise me. one of the reasons why, is simply because of the smiley, lovely and wonderful ladies i have met through my little blog. 
today (and for a few days to follow) i want to share a few of those 
'b l o g g i n g   b e a u t i e s' with you!

the ladies i'm introducing you to today are ladies i love communicating with, reading their blogs daily and whom i love finding encouragement from to keep on blogging! 
plus making new friends is what its all about:)

in no particular order, and because its hard to pick a first and last.. i love em all... 
meet: theresa
it has been just a joy getting to know theresa through emails - she has such a sweet heart! 
and she was so sweet to ask me to guest post for her last week 

ps: the lovely a u b r e y   k i n c h  designed both of our blog! 
looking for a fresh look on your blog?! aubrey is your go-to girl.

meet: laura
i can't remember how i found her pretty blog, but i'm hooked!
 you will be too, laura is too cute, home-grown pumpkins and all!

meet: amanda
amanda likes to post about running. i am not a runner, at all, but i do love her humor and her blog knowledge sharing posts are always spot on! 
ps: her t w i t t e r   f e e d is hilarious. 

more to follow tomorrow!
do you have top favorite bloggers you've added to your circle of friends?!

ps: im thinking of adding a 'grab button' to the side bar...
if i had one, would you add me to your side bar?
adding the grab button means i might just be adding your 'grab button' to my side bar!!

Friday, September 13, 2013


its friday!! just wanted to leave you with a quick recap from the blog this week, wish you all a happy friday and a blessed weekend!

i hope you have fun plans in place?! ill be back monday to share fun memories from the weekend... 
headed out to do a little 'junkin' visit my sisters new home, catch a little baseball and lots of yoga!

e a r l i e r    t h i s   w e e k :
m o n d a y || newport beach: a double wedding   
t u e s d a y || moving mustangs   

l e t ' s   c o n n e c t  ||  @ m o r e l a n e 

Thursday, September 12, 2013


hello lovlie readers!!
and a special welcome to you who have stopped by after reading my guest post over on  f r o m   f o o t h i l l s  t o   f o g   b l o g !!  so glad you have stopped by here today- stay a while:)
so honored the pretty little theresa asked me to guest post for her today while she is soaking in the sun and sipping cocktails on the beach in cabo (holding back the envy over here!!)

i noticed some of the pictures did not load on the guest post today.. so i thought i would share the post and make sure you can see all the pictures here!

I thought I would introduce myself to you (Theresa's sweet readers) and give you a little (250 word) story of my life today:

I was born in Dallas, Texas, almost a Thanksgiving Baby, but I decided to cook a little longer! When I was almost 7 my mom remarried and we transplanted our family to Germany for the next 13 years of my life. My sister and I grew up going to German schools, but our parents were sure we never forgot our Texas roots or accent! My first two years of college were spent in Barcelona, Spain… it didn’t take me long to realize that was not where I wanted to spend my 20's or finish my education. So as a junior I transferred to Baylor University- where I graduated on time and with a handful of friends I will have for life. Fast-forward a few years: I'm living in Dallas again, surrounded by family and close friends, and I am blessed with my dream job of working for a non-profit from my home office. I am a certified yoga instructor, you can find me on my yoga mat almost every day- I love a good sweaty vinyasa flow. And last but not least there is a handsome cowboy that I like to call my boyfriend who works and lives on a working cattle ranch in Oklahoma. 

And because words only say so much... 
Here are a few pictures to go along with the story told above:
 My immediate family- sister, mamma, and me - love 'em to pieces!
These are my bestest of friends the night before the lucky lady in the middle tied the knot!
This picture was taken the day I finished my yoga teacher training..I love it simply because it will forever be a favorite memory and plus this pose is called 'wild thing'! 
Me and my handsome cowboy- enjoying a few cold ones after a home game win last year!

thank you so so much for stoping by my blog today!
please leave a comment, introduce yourself and let me know about you and your blog- would love to connect and meet new blogging friends like you:)

x o x o 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


there are many pretty, naturally pretty things about the ranch. but there is one highlight that is beautiful time after time- no matter what time of year it is. its the wild mustangs.
they mesmerize me time and time again. their raw beauty, untouched and untamed demeanor is truly fascinating.
but this week on the ranch, i was the only one who thought all of the above thoughts. merely because i was not the one trying to move these beautiful creatures from one end of the ranch to the other. one thing about wild mustangs is that they like to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do. like you get them running and one direction and out of the blue they will turn 90 or even 180 and run in the exact opposite way... making the process of moving them to where you want them time consuming and frustrating. who would have thought these wild creatures can figure out your plan after you've tried moving them to where you want them to go after just a time or two?! smarty pants.

i did not have my zoom lens with me on this outing, but i am loving how the wide-angle captures the bigger picture and scope of the amount of horses being moved at one time!

gosh, i still think they are such stunning and majestical animals. 
stubborn, sly and all!

Monday, September 9, 2013


and now for the much awaited details and pictures from the beautiful weeding weekend in newport beach.... there was no time to carry around my big nikon with me- not exactly what fits into a clutch! -  so the iphone had to do the trick from start to finish! 

i broke down the wedding events from the weekend... hope this makes it easier to follow along...
it all happened between early saturday morning and landing back in dallas on monday evening. talk about a fun filled, whirlwind kinda weekend!! 

R O U N D    O N E :
we left the airport and headed straight for brunch at  w o o d y 's   w h a r f
there we were greeted with bottomless mimosas and some very large and yummy brunch portions. 
this is a recommended stop if you are looking for a fun group brunch - $14 for bottomless and brunch!
love these girls and the friendship i have with each of them!

R O U N D    T W O :
the same night we met up in the hills of newport beach, overlooking balboa, in a private home for a reception to honor both brides and their grooms! the view was breathtaking. the decorations, foods, and drinks were wonderful as well. but celebrating with friends for this special occasion was just the best!
can you believe the skies over the hills?!
this is no filter... loving the pink/purple skies that God graced us with for the evening!

R O U N D   T H R E E :
the reason we made the trip- the wedding!!
it finally came together and went off without a hick-up - it was simply beautiful and so full of joy and love all around. the brides were glowing, the grooms were holding back tears- it was priceless!!
(maybe just a small time delay- but hey, its a wedding - the bride(s) get to call the shots!)
on the left, caroline and her dad... and on the right our girl sarabeth and her dad (same daddy;)
can you believe the emotions this daddy faced... walking two daughters down the isle on the same day... the same ceremony even. i can't believe he made it without tears running down his face!
first caroline and david were announced husband and wife... 
and then sarabeth and karson!!
karson went in for two kisses- so cute to see his love for sarabeth!!
clearly we all love us some shades of pink!!
or maybe we were just not quite ready to let go of the colors of summer?! 
love you ladies to pieces- cant wait for our next trip together. 
i am penciling in napa for 2014!
and last but not least, me and my handsome cowboy!
we got him all cleaned up... but i made sure he kept the cowboy boots with the look:)
the boat- all gussies up as we walked away from an amazing evening!

here's to the beautiful couples- we are so grateful you asked us to be apart of your special day!
wishing both couples nothing but love, blessings and a life filled with happiness:)

Friday, September 6, 2013


this is us at the airport before embarking on what will be forever a trip we remember. 
our dear friend, college roommate and all around full of life friend sarabeth tied the knot in newport beach this past weekend.

 over labor day weekend. 
at a double wedding.
on a boat. 
at sunset.
surrounded by close family and friends.
did i mention it was a double wedding?!

more on the wedding details and recap tomorrow. 
today's post is all about the fun, quick, adventures we had while in newport beach/balboa over the weekend. this was the first 'official' girls and significant other trip we have been on together since college. or ever really. and we decided we travel well together - laid back, no fuss. a group that can defiantly travel together again - fingers crossed we make it an annual trip!
(not back to newport beach, but somewhere new- i have a feeling a wine trip is in our future!!)

here are a few pictures to recap our walks around town. 
we tried to walk and see as much as possible, in the little time we had between wedding festivities...
we stumbled across this cute little farmers market- i was sad not to load up on all things fresh and locally grown...
breakfast day 1: we were so excited to find this local favorite tucked in the little streets of the peninsula. talk about charm, cozy and worth the wait! A l t a serves organic brewed coffee- bring your own mug and get .25cents off each cup!
this cute neighborhood yoga studio was just across the street from alta/breakfast...
so wish this was the little studio was in walking distance every morning!
you just can't get enough of the amazing blue, clear skies while in california. 
hence, why i am posting so many from the weekend;)
more pictures and memories from the wedding to follow on the blog soon!
maybe as early as tomorrow- but probably more like monday. so be sure to check back next week!!

happy weekend sweet friends!
x o x o