Tuesday, September 10, 2013


there are many pretty, naturally pretty things about the ranch. but there is one highlight that is beautiful time after time- no matter what time of year it is. its the wild mustangs.
they mesmerize me time and time again. their raw beauty, untouched and untamed demeanor is truly fascinating.
but this week on the ranch, i was the only one who thought all of the above thoughts. merely because i was not the one trying to move these beautiful creatures from one end of the ranch to the other. one thing about wild mustangs is that they like to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do. like you get them running and one direction and out of the blue they will turn 90 or even 180 and run in the exact opposite way... making the process of moving them to where you want them time consuming and frustrating. who would have thought these wild creatures can figure out your plan after you've tried moving them to where you want them to go after just a time or two?! smarty pants.

i did not have my zoom lens with me on this outing, but i am loving how the wide-angle captures the bigger picture and scope of the amount of horses being moved at one time!

gosh, i still think they are such stunning and majestical animals. 
stubborn, sly and all!


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    1. thank you :) it was fun to take each of them!!

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    1. thanks girl- its exciting to see them in their element!!

  3. They are so stunning. I would love to see this for myself one day.

    1. you totally should- so worth the journey!

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    1. thanks! if you head a few miles north east you can see some for your self!!

  5. Oh I love these pictures! How beautiful! What type of camera do you use?

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos of some absolutely beautiful animals! I wish I got to see such a pretty gathering of happy horses with nothing but blue skies and waving tall grasses.

  7. I've never seen even one in the wild, I'm sure it's pretty amazing.

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