Thursday, October 31, 2013


f i r s t : happy halloween!
s e c o n d : meet these cute babies!!!
its that time of year at the ranch.... mammas are having fall babies!
look at these little cuties - they are so curious and full of life, almost instantly after birth.
every morning the cowboys have to feed the mammas and check for new babies born over night. 
yesterday i went out with them to check on the mommas and there was a new addition.. this cute little bull was still sticky and wobbly but cute as could be!

after catching the little guy, they are giving a name (ear tag with mom and dad information)
they are measured, just like babies and then left back with their mamma to get back to nursing and playing around. 
sometimes these little guys are hard to spot. when they lay down in the tall grass, they disappear - but the mamma will always go back and find her little one right where she left him or her. they know their babies cry just like humans.
to date 16 little have been born- only a few more weeks and all the fall babies will have arrived!
they are just the cutest- the little ones run and play around together, cant wait to see all of the fall babies 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


its been a few days since the last post, but with good reason. 
i've spent the weekend with my cowboy at the ranch - hunting. it's gone from bowhunting (which will last through january) but now it is also muzzleloader (think old school gun powder style) season in oklahoma. 

so before we headed out early early (like 1.5 hours before sunrise) on saturday morning, the boys
needed a little target practice on friday night. since it was friday night, i made myself a hand-shaken margarita (via my uncle laynes recipe) and enjoyed the view. 

that is, until the boys were done and i picked up my boyfriends 223 (handed-down to him from his grandmother) and out shot them both!! 
girls rule, boys drule?! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


yall, i am so excited slash super nervous about todays post and pictures!
an outfit post? on my blog?
i guess there's a first time for everything!

to give you a little back story.... i came across the cashmere & camo blog a few years back and have been hooked ever since. the writer behind the blog, brandy, shares a love for all things outdoors, hunting and can i get an amen: c a m o !

recently brandy opened her very own and very amazing cashmere & camo s t o r e !
she caries some super cute pieces (and very affordable!), one of which i have obviously been drooling over since day one. this beautiful 'camo for brunch' sweatshirt that even has pockets. i mean, does it get any better?!
on tuesday i checked the mail and was so surprised to find the above cute package in my mailbox.... and as soon as i snapped a few pics and unwrapped it, i changed out of what i was wearing and wore this sweatshirt for the next two days. to everything!

now for the outfit pictures... 
bare with me. my self-timer on my nikon took these for me. 
i'm not loving the pics, but i do LOVE this sweatshirt!
if you follow me on instagram, you will probably see my in this sweatshirt a lot over the next few months! 
brandy, you know me well - this sweatshirt is my new favorite item in my closet!
thank you, thank you, thank you!!
s w e a t s h i r t || cashmere&camo
j e a n s || quicksilver, similar here and here 
b o o t s || frye boots

brandy has guest blogged on life of the lane to share her holiday decorating spirit and style and i have guest blogged on cashmere & camo to share my diy antler project

Monday, October 21, 2013


this weekend marked baylors 104th homecoming!
the game was against iowa state... and i can honestly say my mind was blown before the game even started.  we drove to waco and stopped for a few big o's before the game!

as we walked up towards the stadium and the now designated tailgating area i was taken back.... when i went to school there, tailgating was iffy. no tents, no big smokers or grills and certainly NO alcoholic beverages of any kind were permitted. now, it was like a big deal. people want to tailgate and all meet up before baylor games.... i could get used to this!
trying to get in the stadium was a different story... there were lines to get in to the stadium.. like there were not enough gates for people to get in on time to see the kick off. and once you were in the stadium, there were funnels of people trying to get to their seats, or lack there of. ya'll never in my baylor days have i seen so many people at a baylor game. it was over sold. people copied tickets and there were not enough seats to accommodate everyone. there were people standing in the isle and walkways... unreal...sic em bears!!!

 left picture: me     ||   right picture: source
left picture: source    ||     right picture: me

if you were in dallas on sunday and did not stop by the gypsy wagons swap and flea  you totally missed out and need to be sure you mark your calendar for the next one!
the gypsy wagon hosts a little one-day flea market and local vintage and antique vendors show up to sale and make a deal on their treasures!
gypsy wagon had a line at the check out- people couldn't fill their arms full enough with so many great finds! including myself:)
i walked away with the treasures in the above right picture: 

 2 sided smock wrapping paper   
-- originally $5... sold for $2 --
natural life linen hand towel
-- originally $18... sold for $10 --
2 baskets (a little loved)
-- originally $48 each.. sold for $5 each!! --
-- originally $48.... sold for $25 --

and... incase you missed fridays big announcement
my the little lane (my sister) and i opened a new #instacloset!
head on over and check it out, follow @thelanescloset - we will be posted new items ever so often!
*if you see something you like but dont like the price...
let us know, we might be able to work something out :)

Friday, October 18, 2013


ok. it happened. i thought it was time to give the whole #instacloset a try. 
my sister and i went through our closets over the last few days to move out the summer and make room for winter (we all know winter takes up way more space in the closet... its all so bulky!)

after sorting though we decided a few items were worth selling. 
some still have tags, others only worn once.. like these cute sam & libbys !

so now for your shopping pleasure we have a #instacloset 
follow us here: @thelanescloset

h e r e    a r e   t h e    d e t a i l s :
all items incluse US shipping
all transactions are via PayPal
if you see something you like, leave your PayPal account email in the comment section 
(we will send you an invoice)

*if you see something you like but dont like the price...
let us know, we might be able to work something out :)

e a r l i e r   t h i s   w e e k:
m o n d a y || baby gray
t h u r s d a y || pretty pumpkins
f r i d a y || lemon water


good morning pretties- h a p p y   f r i d a y !

recently i have added drinking warm lemon water back into my diet and almost forgot how much i missed it. 
it's great to have first thing in the morning, before your coffee, breakfast and workout. 

here is why this little addition its so good for you and that amazing body of yours:

 aids digestion
cleanses your system
clears your skin
speeds up your metabolism 
balances your pH levels
gets you energized
boots your immune system 

read more about it here, here and here

Thursday, October 17, 2013


this year my sister got all kinds of crafty when decorating for fall/halloween. 
i think it might just have something to do with the fact that its her first home:)
either way, she was ahead of me with decorating pumpkins... there are all kinds of fun ideas for spray painting pumpkins over on pinterest these days. we went for a simple and easy version!
so monday when she had off for columbus day, i loaded up on pumpkins and we sat outside and decorated a few more pumpkins for around my house. 

nothing a little spray paint and glitter cant handle!

here's what we did:
we sprayed a few pumpkins, while they are still wet, sprinkle as much glitter as you like. 
let it sit and dry before moving them to the porch or indoors (spray is a little strong!!)

and when your spending time with your sister, sometimes things get a little silly...!!

Monday, October 14, 2013


it has started... 
we have moved on from weddings, first homes, and stock the bar parties.. 
to friends having babies!

our dear friends dylan and kristin found out just recently they are expecting - with a special delivery to arrive in february!
to share the excitement and and joy with them, they agreed to share the moment they found out if they were having a baby girl or baby boy with us.... so we hosted a 'baby gender reveal party' surrounded with close family and bestest of friends!

here are the darling mommy and daddy to-be just moments before finding out!!
its a G I R L !!!!
baby girl gray we can not wait to meet you!
you have the most amazing mommy and daddy who are thrilled to welcome you into this world!
don't worry, there are so many 'aunts' that want to hold you, your feet may never touch the ground:)

thanks to dylan and kristin to letting us share this special moment with you!!

party details:
custom chalkboard 
baby shower invitations
hearts of gold straws
diy gold tassel garland 

**all pictures taken by mj turner**

Friday, October 11, 2013


happy friday sweet readers!
today,  i have a pretty little treat for you... 
as you've seen above, there is some major talent on the blog today. this talent is from my dear friend, becky. she makes these beautiful chalkboards for family, friends and now is started to sell them! because thats just how talented she is:)

i have turned to becky for all my chalkboard needs (and good long talks!) including the most recent one i commissioned her for when i hosted a baby gender reveal party a few weeks ago (see the 'ten little fingers....' board above). 
so i decided it was time to spread her talents and share it with you! this talent should not be a secret anymore which is why i had becky send over some pictures of her favorite boards and ask her a few questions about her work: 

1- When did you discover you had this amazing talent? 
"Throughout school I was always doodling while taking notes.  I never considered myself an artist, but would love to make art in words.  It wasn't until I saw a quote on Pinterest writing in a funky way and thought, "I could do that".  So I started copying artwork and playing around with chalk at home.  Once I discovered the chalk board paint pens that conveyed extreme precision, it was all down hill from there."

2- Is there chalkboard you are most proud of? Why? 
"I am most proud of the chalkboard I made for my mom (the 'patty' board above') on her birthday.  It was the first that I designed myself without the help of Pinterest.  I collected a list of words and phrases from my dad and siblings to put on the board.  As we all know, shopping for our parents can be difficult, and I felt like I was able to express how much I love and appreciate her through this board." 

3- How do you know when a work is finished?
"When a work is finished?? It varies.  Sometimes it is texting a friend(you:) to ask what they think.  Sometimes it is adding a fun border with scrolly touches.  I'm learning more and more to go outside the box with my creativity.  I erase ALOT! But mostly, I give it a day or so to just look at the board and decide "Ok, that's enough." "

4- Have you ever thought of selling these amazing boards on etsy?! 
"I would love to sell my boards on etsy.  Maybe I'm afraid of failure, and that my artwork would not hold up to the other pieces offered on Etsy. "

Other thoughts from my beautiful friend and the artist:
"I enjoy being a part of the boards that are for others.  To hear the way they admire and love their friends or families.  It is a unique gift that shows they truely care, and I feel honored to be a part of that. 
I have yet to find a good position to do the boards in.  I'm mainly on the floor, and after an hour or so, my knees are killing me. 
My husband can always tell when I start feeling really good about a board because I will go for a glass of wine to put on the finishing touches.
I feel like my best work is done when I can replicate a design.  I have fun creating new designs, but have yet to gain full confidence in it."

who doesn't love a great chalkboard?! 
i personally have 2 of becky's boards in my house. one is pictures above 
'being different..' and this prayer that hangs above my bead.

for more information you can email me.. i'm happy to pass any requests on to becky!!
lothelane (at) gmail (dot) com

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


y'all - you know i'm not a baker right? it's not my 'thing' in the least. to be honest i have attempted a box-cake before and had to toss it in the trash. see, i told you i'm not a baker!
so yesterday when i attempted this pumpkin bread i impressed myself!

of course there were a few messes.. ie.. almost a cup of flour on the floor and all over my shoes, a coffee break was needed but this bread turned out to be the best pumpkin bread i ever did make!

here is the bread recipe i followed and ingredients needed:
adopted from simplyrecipes

1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup (canned) pumpkin puree
1/4 c olive oil
1/4 c applesauce
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 c water
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp apple pie spice
(only because i picked up the wrong bottle off the shelf!)

and here is the best part... 
the streusel topping you just have to make!
this is the recipe i followed and ingredients needed:

1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 c all-purpose flour
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 c melted butter

**click on the above recipes for directions.