Thursday, October 31, 2013


f i r s t : happy halloween!
s e c o n d : meet these cute babies!!!
its that time of year at the ranch.... mammas are having fall babies!
look at these little cuties - they are so curious and full of life, almost instantly after birth.
every morning the cowboys have to feed the mammas and check for new babies born over night. 
yesterday i went out with them to check on the mommas and there was a new addition.. this cute little bull was still sticky and wobbly but cute as could be!

after catching the little guy, they are giving a name (ear tag with mom and dad information)
they are measured, just like babies and then left back with their mamma to get back to nursing and playing around. 
sometimes these little guys are hard to spot. when they lay down in the tall grass, they disappear - but the mamma will always go back and find her little one right where she left him or her. they know their babies cry just like humans.
to date 16 little have been born- only a few more weeks and all the fall babies will have arrived!
they are just the cutest- the little ones run and play around together, cant wait to see all of the fall babies