Tuesday, October 1, 2013


i came across this cute #snailmailcollective idea through these two cute ladies: melyssa and chelsea 
in august i missed the sign up mark-so i set my reminder to sign up for the september fun!

here are the basics: 
you sign up here
you get paired with another blogger from a different city or country
you exchange emails for 2 weeks 
based on the emails (getting to know each other) and the theme of the month, you send eachother a small gift(s) via real, old school #snailmail. 
ie: stand in line at the post office, hand address the envelope and it arrives a few days later!

it was so fun to get to know a new blogger, one whos blog i was not already following. 
we exchanged emails, read each others blog and since the theme this month was 'back to school' we chatted about what reminded us about gearing up for school and fall!

iris from  f a n c y   p a n t s   N  Y  was my #snailmail pal and she is just the cutest.
she has amazing crocheting skills and just opened her own etsy shop: 
from only a few emails she put this awesome #snailmail package together: 

teas for the cold fall days
handmade notecards to 'pass notes' (with bucks on them!!!)
and a handmade (in my favorite color- army green) infinity cowl scarf!

ya'll its the softest!! dear fall in texas, its time you show up - this scarf needs to be worn asap!
confession: i opened the #snailmail package this morning after being out of town for a few days and immediately wrapped the scarf around my neck!! windows open (55 in dallas this morning!) coffee in hand i started catching up on work and personal emails!

now that i've had the pleasure of wearing one of iris' scarfs- i can tell you: you need one!!
i can wrap it twice for the brisk fall days.. and 3 times for when it (maybe, but only maybe) gets really cold in dallas for the winter!
thank you iris!
i had so much fun emailing with you and receiving this amazing #snailmail package from you!
happy fall to all of you - can you believe it's already october 1st?!


  1. This is such a fun idea! I absolutely love it. Hope it's not too late to get in on the action... I love snail mail!
    xoxo brittani

  2. Love that scarf!! It looks so cozy, I want one :) Next time, I think I'll sign up for the snail mail collective, what a fun idea! ...I've missed you! I can't wait to hear about your junking adventures last week!

  3. That's the best snail mail package ever! I want a handmade scarf!