Friday, October 4, 2013


a few weeks ago i posted about my 'project pineapple' and told y'all i would keep you posted on the progress. today is progress report today!

this little pineapple grew its roots really slowly...
if the rooting process is any indication, we might be waiting for any type of fruit for a good, long, while.  but finally this little 'plant that could' was ready to being it's next stage of life. 
it moved from a mason jar to a grown-up pot!

i am no pineapple growing expert but heres what i did:
remove plant top with roots from mason jar
prepare pot with nutrient-filled soil
dig deep whole for roots to stand in
cover roots with soil 
watch and wait for it to grow!

apparently pineapples are super easy to grow. 
they don't require much work or effort. 
very little water or care...

so grow on little guy!!