Thursday, August 15, 2013


maybe its just me, but i have see a few pins on pinterest lately with people saving the tops of their pineapples, planting them and watching them grow. i love me some pinterest ideas and this one seemed easy, free and worth a try. 
so on my past visit to the new grocery store greatness of trader joe's i picked up a pineapple as my 'sweet treat' while on the cleanse.. might i had this is the most tasty and juicy pineapple i've ever cut into. it perfect.. hence i ate half of it while cutting it up for deserts later this week - oops!!

here's part one of  'p r o j e c t   p i n e a p p l e':
cut off the top leafy part
peel back a few layers of the bottom leafs
poke 3 toothpicks or skewers in the sides
sit in a glass of water
wait for roots to sprout 

part two of  'p r o j e c t    p i n e a p p l e' will follow in a few days on the blog when the roots are ready to be planted! 

in the mean time, i will be enjoying this every so yummy fruit....

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  1. I haven't seen this before but it sounds awesome! Keep us posted!