Tuesday, August 6, 2013


last weekend was a though one. if you follow me on instagram you might have seen the first picture in this post already. my aunt d'aun was an  amazing mother, wife, incredible cowgirl and true lover of the Lord. and two fridays ago she went to be with Him.  
while very hard to swallow and process it all, it was not out of the blue. d'aun had been fighting the evil (cancer) in her body for more than 15 months. 
but she had set her goals: make it to her oldest sons high school graduation, watch both boys take reserve champions at the nm high school roping association and finally watching them both compete in the national high school roping finals in wyoming!! (my cousins are cool like that!!)

your spirit, love for life, love for your family and friends, but most of all for the Lord was contagious! we will miss you dearly and keep you in our hearts forever!

we made the drive out to nm to be with the ones we love most and hold them just a little tighter and longer for the weekend. while there we took a little backroad tour (with a full cooler!!) of the ranch they live on and run to enjoy the same things she would have enjoyed with us!! 
- here's to you d'aun!! - 

they ranch has so much history and plenty to see. so one of our first stops was to see the markings left by indians years and years ago. see if you can spot the pictures left in stone!

there is an animal with antlers on the rock wall here.. can you find the markings?!
now look closer... do you see the animal?! i looks like a deer- antlers and all!
now look for the faces... can you find them?
look closer... they are marked in the dark black rock!
this whole is one of many 'indian wells' (conical holes) 

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