Wednesday, October 31, 2012


this morning i asked my mom to see if she could dig out some of our old pictures from halloween past... now i remember why these are well hidden and tucked away 
(and why me and costumes don't get along all too well...)!!!

this particular year my mom made both my sisters and my costumes. 
sister/left with doll... maybe dorothy or maybe kirstin the american doll.. dressed like the doll:)
me/right... homemade take on the scarecrow from the wizard of oz- lord have mercy!

...there are no words... 

happy halloween!

*picture taken early 90s in front of the house we grew up in in Germany*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



as you can tell by my blog header... i kinda like antlers, a lot!
not only are they on my blog, but they make appearances around my home as well. 
and all over my pintrest account!

today i want to share with you a few of my antler-favorites that i have pinned on pintrest- its a slow process to add antlers to the house, as they are rather pricy, but adding little/single antlers is always a cute way to freshen up the country-inspired look around the home!

latest 'antler' addition will be featured as soon as the DIY project is complete!
--check back soon:)

**all pictures were found on pintrest and are repined for sources** 

Monday, October 29, 2012


there is some small, but exciting news i want to to share with you this morning....
after talking to other new blogger (cough cough lauren...)  i gave in and created a Facebook page for LifeOfTheLane !! 

if you don't subscribe to the blog you can 'LIKE' the Facebook page and keep up with my little adventures that way that way!

just trying to make it easier for you:)
looking forward to connecting with you on Facebook!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



last week i features the lovely LAUREN as one of my 'fabulous favorites'. 
today i got a cute box in the mail with this amazing BAT-shirt inside! 
what a kind gift and sweet thank you:)

you should know: lauren made this t-shirt! i know right, shes talented. 
you can make your own bat-shirt --- follow her cute DIY!

thank you lauren, this is a really kind gesture!!
ps: it's perfect for halloween- and passing out candy:)

Monday, October 22, 2012


before this weekend i couldn't tell you the last time i played 'uno'....
it was so fun to play a classic (oldie but goodie) card game with good friends over beers and late night laughs and talks! 

its the simple things that can be the best! 

Friday, October 19, 2012


it has been a fabulous two week here on the blog- loved sharing my favorite with you!
now you you know the blogs i read most, i would love to who out there is reading my blog...
 be sure to 'follow' the blog or leave me a comment!

another one of my favs is the really talented and beautiful kelli murray
confession: kelli and i have not me in person but we have mutual friends from college 
and i would like to think we could be friends if our paths crossed!

her illustrations are stunning,  everything in her etsy shop is a must have and her 
DIY's are my favs... i even followed her how-to for this one!

i wish i could pull off red lips like this
her tumbler always makes me smile 
i love reading her blog every day:)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


if you a follower of my blog, then you have probably seen pictures of a really cute baby. 
no, she's not mine. yes, she is adorable, and here are the two that claim her ::Team Hatchell::

love these two and their cute babe! (this is me excited about the pump!) 

organizing, hosting, and crafting for THIS was one of my all time favorite parties
monthly baby pics are my fav, even when the big lip happens
because who wouldn't want to be with this pretty face?!
team hatchell has adopted me like a little sister and i love them for it:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


yet another 'fabulous favorite':
nina and i met the same morning i met lauren...
at the sheridan french shoot for her new look-book. 
i get jealous when these two lovelies get to hang out (they live in the same city!!) 

nina not only has a beautiful style blog ::THE HSS FEED:: 
but also a classic sense of style and family to boot!

her wish lists post are always great
i love that her blog is mommy and baby friendly!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


next up is the beautiful  lauren whom i met randomly and unexpectedly this summer at the sheridan french :: blogger appreciation photo-shoot
since then we kept in touch, and i am so happy that she recently started a blog of her own ::sunday beach::!!

love that i am not the only one that decorates with antlers
her husbands DIY skills are to be envied 

Monday, October 15, 2012


last weeks 'fabulous favorites' were so much fun!
thanks to the lovely ladies who let me crush on them and their amazing blogs!!

i wanted to kick off this week with more 'fabulous favorites' but this time with dear friends of mine, whom i love and adore (and have met outside of the blogging world)!!!

first: my best friend, who is GETTING MARRIED! 
caroline has an amazing sense of style and an even more stylish fashion blog. 

she is my best friend and hip-sis for life
i heart her style and our mutual junk obsession!

forgive her lack in posting... the new ring on her finger has her distracted:) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


a brief greeting to you this sunday morning!
i was flipping through some of my favorite pictures, and came across this one and thought it was fitting for Sunday: Bright, Cheerful, Abundant... Sunflowers!!!

i took this at the ranch a while back, and cant't believe i hadn't shared this with you yet. 
its taken from the passenger seat of the truck, with my iphone, no filter. 
i love everything about it!

Friday, October 12, 2012


a few years ago when i first contemplated blogging, i started searching for blogs about living overseas ...since i was thinking why didn't i blog when i lived abroad for 15 years?! one of the favorite blogs i came across was this sweet blog by a pretty girl living overseas who has an amazing story to tell. 

i love how honest each of sarah's posts' are and vicariously living through her pictures of her and her husbands adventures in europe made me smile and wish i had kept a photo diary and blog while i lived there as well. 
when i see anything boston terrier, i think of lola!
and following sarah's adorable 'pump' progress makes me smile!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


yet another beautiful and amazingly creative blog i follow is by the adorable joanne!
i cant remember when or why i came across :waterfall creative
but i've been hooked every since!

joanne is an amazing graphic designer -- her portfolio is proof.
her DIY posts make me want to craft something new every time.
sometimes her blog posts just make me smile- its the simple prettiness that gets me!

one day i would love for her to design my blog header (i'm saving up for it!)
i responded to her 'morning ritual' post with one just like it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


each of these pretty girls this week are my favorite...and i'm so excited to introduce you to the beautiful jenny.. and she lives in texas which makes me like her just that much more:)

i came across jenni's blog ::story of my life:: earlier this year when i was reading and researching blog tips, how-to's and all things blogging. jenni's blog came up because she has this great 'blogging tips' section on her blog. 
then when i started reading her story, love story and love for antlers and the outdoors, i knew she was a real cool chick!! 

i love following her new photography venture!
her red boots are my fav:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


this week on the blog, i want to introduce you to my favorite blogs and the lovely ladies behind them. its hard to choose... my google reader is overflowing, but there are only a couple i look forward to reading every time there is a new post!

side note: there is no particular order of features this week... adore them all equally!!

meet the beautiful and always sparkling sara from :glitter and grace: !!!
i can't remember how i stumbled across this pretty blog, but i cant get enough of her cute outfits, sparkly nails and words from the heart

Friday, October 5, 2012


snail mail

a few months ago i first mentioned how much i love snail mail, pretty pens, paper and stationary.. well it's back. this time it was the pretty letters i received in my mail box! there is just something so meaningful, heartfelt and personal when you receive a hand-written note in via snail mail!  

thank you to my sweet friends who still value the joy and importance of a real letter. 
here's to keeping snail mail, stationary and happy mail boxes alive!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


today i had a few extra minutes and a new cookie recipe i wanted to try.
so i made a really small batch of nutella cookies and realized, even a small batch is too many cookies not to share with someone else! 
so i wrapped up a two little bags with a small note for each of my neighbors!

(photo taken with iPhone)

Monday, October 1, 2012


[taken with my iPhone!]

am i still so fully with happiness from this past weekend... 
we all knew it was going to happen, but it was a surprise for most up until the last few days... 

this sweet young man had it all planned out.. to propose on the ferris wheel, where they had their very first date- so cute right?!
the one day in dallas when it rains all day long was of course on the day of the proposal. 
the ferris wheel was not running (nor where any of the other rides at the state fair) thank heavens for the sky-rail - it saved the day! we made the love birds get in their own cart, where kyle got down on one knee and proposed to my bestest friend in the world-- SHE SAID YES!!!

friends and families welcomed them with champagne and celebrations well into the night when we got back to the house!


love that he proposed to her in a yakees hat, hoodie, leggings and in the downpour of rain!!
makes for a perfect engagement story that they will be telling for years!