Friday, October 19, 2012


it has been a fabulous two week here on the blog- loved sharing my favorite with you!
now you you know the blogs i read most, i would love to who out there is reading my blog...
 be sure to 'follow' the blog or leave me a comment!

another one of my favs is the really talented and beautiful kelli murray
confession: kelli and i have not me in person but we have mutual friends from college 
and i would like to think we could be friends if our paths crossed!

her illustrations are stunning,  everything in her etsy shop is a must have and her 
DIY's are my favs... i even followed her how-to for this one!

i wish i could pull off red lips like this
her tumbler always makes me smile 
i love reading her blog every day:)


  1. Thanks for this sweet post! xo

  2. kelli and dana- thank you both for your sweet comments:) next time im in CA, there needs to be a little get-together!!