Wednesday, December 17, 2014


even without the snow, the temperatures finally dropped this week in dallas and its feeling a little more like Christmas!
one of my favorite things to do after a long day is snuggle up with my favorite faux fur blanket, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate (or maybe a hot toddy!!!) and favorite holiday movies.. i can watch some of the ones below over and over (and over) and they don't get old! especially the grinch (with jim carry) - real talk it's possible i've already watched it 5 times since the first of december.. or maybe its been 7?! lost count!

what is your favorite holiday movie?!

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(one and two are one sale!!!)
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


late to the game today- but its jammies and its never too late for jammies, right?!
sometimes i feel like jammies and robes are an easy answer to gifting, but the right jammies/robe can be truly delightful:) and matching pjs for Christmas- - especially for minis+mamas on Christmas morning!

red pjs
tiny mini
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tiny mini
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Thursday, December 11, 2014


my love for pretty wrapping paper and bows/ribbons is something  my mother has passed down to me. it's almost impossible for me to pass up adding a beautiful roll of gift wrap to my stock pile if its on sale, must have, best pattern ever.. any reason really!
once these pretties go on sale after the holidays, i'm on it like a bug to light - i just can't help myself. (#realtalk). 

i've been on the hunt for pretty wrappings this year and while i've hit big at home goods, ikea and the dollar store (to name just a few) i have found some really great wrappings online this year too that i needed to share with you!

anyone else share the love for lovely paper with me?!

ps: if you follow me on instagram, you saw the gold-foil polka-dot tissue paper i used to wrap the 'favorite things' gifts - found at the dollar store ;)

r o w  o n e : one || two || three || four
r o w  t w o: one || two || three
wrapping paper
r o w  o n e : one || two || three
r o w  t w o : one || two || three
gift wrap
i k e a  f i n d s :  gift wrap one + two || bows || tags
t a r g e t  f i n d s :  deer wrap || ribbons: one + two + three + four + five
gift wrap : birds || mistletoe || wreaths || woodgrain

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


this year my girlfriends and i did a 'favorite things' gift exchange - and it was a blast!
5 of us participated and we set a $10 budget per gift. so in total we each spent $40ish dolor on 4 gifts and walked away receiving 4 gifts from the other girls!!

here were the favorite things:

colleen gifted {no. 1} - holiday gift towels from anthropologie
confession: i have a weakness for pretty linens, dish towels and napkins - thanks mom for passing that on to me!

callie gifted {no. 2} - lobe wonders and the best top coat nail polish
i cant wait to try the lobe wonders- being able to wear heavy earrings and not have stretched lobes.. genius! 
ps: your going to love this top coat! callie takes hers with her every time she visits the nail salon. less wait time while your pretty nails dry.

caroline gifted {no. 3} - chipotle gift card
we all try to get together for dinner twice a month. it's BYOdinner and we sit around and catch up, encourage and enjoy spending even just a few hours together with no distractions. without fail, caroline will almost always bring chipotle for her dinner - it's greatness she gifted us each a gift card to her favorite place :) 

kristin gifted {no. 4} - bio silk and pan scrapers
if you have not tried bio silk - do so now. i used it in high school and when we're on family vacation i borrow it from my aunt, to easy brushing out tangles from the ocean water.  it smells wonderful and it leaves your hair silky smooth!  
and the little brown square you ask?! it has 4 different corners and each are designed to reach and clean every pan, bowl, inch of your kitchen and cooking tools! 

i gifted {no. 5} - little jar with cinnamon-sugar blend, celebration coffee, frother and tumbler
i mixed a few things together to put together my 'favorite things'. most mornings i make a nespressso coffee with a little steamed/frother milk, topped off with a little cinnamon-sugar bland. 'fancy' coffee as my mimi calls it! so i put together all the things needed to make the 'fancy' coffee.
ps: i bought one 1lbs bag of coffee and snagged 4 extra coffee bags and divided it into four:)


no. 1 || no. 2 (one + two) || no. 3  || no. 4 (one + two|| no. 5 ( one + two + three (similar) + four)

+ + + + added bonus: 
i found these super snugly and inexpensive blankets at ikea and couldn't resist not getting each of the girls one! then i did a little searching on pinterest and found these adorable (and free) printable tag fit for the occasion! then i gave them the option to have their blankets personalized by yours truly from our little monogram shop :)
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


{mini + mama} series it back!
so many holiday #giftguides took up the blog space the last two weeks.. but things are back on track now! did you catch the Gift Guide for the Minis?! so many great finds..if i do say so my self!

today's mini and mama is all about getting festive for the holidays and of course you can't forget the cookies for santa or even your neighbor- spread the love and joy this season!
we were at my moms this weekend putting up Christmas lights outside then the neighbor kiddos cam by with as tin full of homemade cookies!! confession: i ate all the sugar cookies with yummy icing right away - clearly they were my favorite:)
so of course i'm including cookie cutters and a few cookies recipes in todays post.

do you have a favorite cookie recipe?! please share!!

my sister and i are getting together today to bake some for family and friends.. and maybe eat a few as we bake;)
and there will be some Christmas tunes playing in the background.. like one of my favorites.. sugar cookies by the country king himself george strait!SUGAR COOKIES
boy: beanie || shirt || pants || shoes
girl: sweater || dress || tights || shoes

vest || flats || beanie || sweater || jeans || scarf || flask mittens ** || bag
**um, can we please talk about these mittens?! flask mittens non the less- amen! every mamas, game day, playdate survival gear;) jk -- but seriously!!

no.1 ||  no. 2 ||  no. 3 ||  no. 4 || **no. 5 ||  no. 6
** no.5 is a family friend who bakes and creates the most wonderful cookies for any occasion! we had baylor cookies at my sisters wedding, Christmas cookies at the holiday bazaar - you name it! are you hosting an elsa or spiderman themed party?! 'let them eat cookies' should be your go-to!!  

cookies recipes

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


i am loving all things garland this year!
we put a $3 target find -very merry- over the  kitchen window. i got some darling tiny jingle bell garland on the sale table at anthropologie a few years ago, its on the tree this year!! there are so many cute options out there... i'm putting the finishing touches on this scripture advent calendar (garland style of course) and there are so many cute options on etsy... this christmas tree garland with gold glitter stars... adorable!  oh and this gold glitter deer garland- how cute would this be for the bar?!

do you love garland, glitter, tinsel and pretty ribbons and paper as much as i do?! ugh, i think its a problem!
i did find some of the most wonderful wrapping paper at home goods this year (by the way, homegoods is my total weakness.. my sister and i have been known to make a weekly trek there...!)

i would love to know where you go to find all things gift wrap!!

christmas garland

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