Wednesday, December 10, 2014


this year my girlfriends and i did a 'favorite things' gift exchange - and it was a blast!
5 of us participated and we set a $10 budget per gift. so in total we each spent $40ish dolor on 4 gifts and walked away receiving 4 gifts from the other girls!!

here were the favorite things:

colleen gifted {no. 1} - holiday gift towels from anthropologie
confession: i have a weakness for pretty linens, dish towels and napkins - thanks mom for passing that on to me!

callie gifted {no. 2} - lobe wonders and the best top coat nail polish
i cant wait to try the lobe wonders- being able to wear heavy earrings and not have stretched lobes.. genius! 
ps: your going to love this top coat! callie takes hers with her every time she visits the nail salon. less wait time while your pretty nails dry.

caroline gifted {no. 3} - chipotle gift card
we all try to get together for dinner twice a month. it's BYOdinner and we sit around and catch up, encourage and enjoy spending even just a few hours together with no distractions. without fail, caroline will almost always bring chipotle for her dinner - it's greatness she gifted us each a gift card to her favorite place :) 

kristin gifted {no. 4} - bio silk and pan scrapers
if you have not tried bio silk - do so now. i used it in high school and when we're on family vacation i borrow it from my aunt, to easy brushing out tangles from the ocean water.  it smells wonderful and it leaves your hair silky smooth!  
and the little brown square you ask?! it has 4 different corners and each are designed to reach and clean every pan, bowl, inch of your kitchen and cooking tools! 

i gifted {no. 5} - little jar with cinnamon-sugar blend, celebration coffee, frother and tumbler
i mixed a few things together to put together my 'favorite things'. most mornings i make a nespressso coffee with a little steamed/frother milk, topped off with a little cinnamon-sugar bland. 'fancy' coffee as my mimi calls it! so i put together all the things needed to make the 'fancy' coffee.
ps: i bought one 1lbs bag of coffee and snagged 4 extra coffee bags and divided it into four:)


no. 1 || no. 2 (one + two) || no. 3  || no. 4 (one + two|| no. 5 ( one + two + three (similar) + four)

+ + + + added bonus: 
i found these super snugly and inexpensive blankets at ikea and couldn't resist not getting each of the girls one! then i did a little searching on pinterest and found these adorable (and free) printable tag fit for the occasion! then i gave them the option to have their blankets personalized by yours truly from our little monogram shop :)
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