Thursday, December 11, 2014


my love for pretty wrapping paper and bows/ribbons is something  my mother has passed down to me. it's almost impossible for me to pass up adding a beautiful roll of gift wrap to my stock pile if its on sale, must have, best pattern ever.. any reason really!
once these pretties go on sale after the holidays, i'm on it like a bug to light - i just can't help myself. (#realtalk). 

i've been on the hunt for pretty wrappings this year and while i've hit big at home goods, ikea and the dollar store (to name just a few) i have found some really great wrappings online this year too that i needed to share with you!

anyone else share the love for lovely paper with me?!

ps: if you follow me on instagram, you saw the gold-foil polka-dot tissue paper i used to wrap the 'favorite things' gifts - found at the dollar store ;)

r o w  o n e : one || two || three || four
r o w  t w o: one || two || three
wrapping paper
r o w  o n e : one || two || three
r o w  t w o : one || two || three
gift wrap
i k e a  f i n d s :  gift wrap one + two || bows || tags
t a r g e t  f i n d s :  deer wrap || ribbons: one + two + three + four + five
gift wrap : birds || mistletoe || wreaths || woodgrain


  1. Love that paper!!! Something about Gold this year :)
    Chelsea @