Friday, August 9, 2013


s o r c e :

and i am still loving the look of things around here- thanks  a u b r e y   for rekindling my love for this space!

in other news. i met the darling miss   l a u r e n   at the   sheridan french blogger appreciation photo shoot two summers ago  - and we have keep in touch since then. mainly when it comes to all things blog, but mostly when it come to antlers. all things antlers really, hunting, shed hunting, decorating name it!

so today when lauren sent me a link on twitter to check out  this adorable home  decorated with antlers in the most beautiful way i had to check it out immediately. following the link, i was surprised i had not come across ali leigh's pretty blog before - thanks for the link i'm hooked!

the above pictures are from   a l i   l e i g h   and   l a u r e n ' s  blogs and their homes!!
oh and the last picture is from my home:) 

ladies i strongly believe that we need to get together! 
we could name it:  ladies who lunch when our men hunt!
i'm just saying. its catchy ;)

e a r l i e r    t h i s   w e e k :
m o n d a y \\ pretty in pink
t u e s d a y \\ heres to you
w e d n e s d a y \\ pretty little blog 


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the plate with the names on it!!!!!!

    1. me too!!! lauren has details on her blog where she got them ;)

  2. It's official, I need some antlers in my casa! Love her blog too, thanks for sharing!

    1. yes you do! antlers are a must around the house!!

  3. Ha! You should totally call the group that. perfect!

  4. I LOVE antlers! I have some in Eli's nursery! I'll have to check out all of these other blogs, thanks! :)