Tuesday, August 6, 2013


hello lovelies!

i am so excited to 'show off' the new look around here!
it feels so grown up and pretty i can't even stand it. i think i needed this little 'lift' to get me back to wanting to blog again vs just needing to get the next blog post up. 

it took me a while to find just the right person to work with, but when i found aubrey and all of her pretty designs, i knew my small little blog would be in great hands!
working with aubrey was amazing- she has so many pretty ideas - i wish i could have them all at once.. one thing at a time!

i just had to share with you the lovely inspiration boards aubrey made for   l i f e   o f   t h e   l a n e. 

| above images from kinch design |


  1. Replies
    1. thanks me too!!! cant stop staring at it ;)

  2. Thanks so sharing in such detail, pretty lady!
    I still DIE over your updated look!


    1. and i owe it all to you!!!
      i can't get enough of it- its so pretty and fresh!

      x o