Friday, August 16, 2013


the countdown is on.. in just a few short weeks one of my dearest friends is getting married!
in california, on the beach.. newport beach to be exact!
so of course we are all packing up and heading out to support her and her future husband and to have a grand ol' time together! 
there is a group of us that all went to college together, moved back to the same town, added a few amazing friends to the group and still hang out weekly and celebrate all the big, small, crazy, beautiful and life moments together. these girls are my rock- my dearest friends and i'm so excited to see one more of them tie the knot!!

here's where you come in. we are going to try an cram in as much fun as possible while in town. 
do you have any recommendations, must see, do and explore while in newport/balboa?!
 we are not looking to do any mall excisions- but more along the lines of local favorites and best in town kinda places! 

have you been, do you live there?!
 i'd love to hear your thoughts, opinion and all things newport!

oh and happy friday! do you have anything fun planed?

e a r l i e r    t h i s   w e e k :
m o n d a y ||  best store ever
t u e s d a y ||  mudsmith 
w e d n e s d a y ||  wednesday wears
t h u r s d ay || project pineapple

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