Monday, July 30, 2012

Worth the Wait

This past weekend I stepped out of my 'box', I mean WAY out. 
A few weeks ago on of my favorite bloggers, Sheridan French, posted as casting call on her blog and my dear friend over at Team Hatchell convinced me to submit my pictures. With hesitation and very little expectations I did. I mean, lets be real- who wants a 5'4 model?! (and plus modeling is not a word in my vocabulary..)
Long story short, the beautiful Sheridan asked me to be one of the models for her 2013 Lookbook! Cool right?! 

So this past Saturday we all met up for a fun (but oh-so hot) morning of photos and fun! I had **a blast** and got to meet some truly beautiful ladies from Dallas/FortWorth and beyond! 

Now the wait starts---official photos from Saturday will be posted in September... until then you can check out Sheridan's current collection here


  1. she was lucky to get you to model for her, your gorgeous. xo