Thursday, July 26, 2012

if your really knew me...

{this is me getting into costume to make some wounded warriors smile!!}

I’ve seen this cute little post on a few of the blogs a read (everyday) and so I finally caved too!   If y'all really knew me... (in no particular order what-so-ever)…

you'd know I lived in Germany for 13 year of my life. No, I don’t have a German accent when I speak English and yes, I am fluent in German.

you'd know that I spent my first two years of college in Barcelona, Spain. Looking back I wish I kept a blog during that time. The Internet wasn’t always reliable and social media had not really kicked it yet.

you'd know I would wear my ‘boyfriend jeans’ and pretty headscarf every day if I could.

you'd know that I'm in the yoga studio almost everyday and have a life-goal to be a certified  yoga teacher by 2013.   

you'd know that I have dinner with my college roommates almost every week.

you'd know that one of my biggest passions is volunteering with wounded warriors and seeing them and their caregivers smile:)

you'd know that I love my crazy family, and that we spend a lot of time together, all the time.

you'd know that I like vintage, flea markets, trade-days and junk. I like that every piece in my house tells a ‘story’.

you'd know that I LOVE breakfast foods, but have a protein shake and cup of coffee almost every morning instead. I like to savor every bite of breakfast, which would be too time consuming for an everyday occurrence!

you'd know that I pass out easily due to heat and crowds.. there are scars on my forehead to prove it.

you'd know that I took a ‘big girl’ step this year when I left my ‘corporate America’ job to follow my heart and passion when I was asked to join a non-profit (helping wounded warriors!!)

... Did you do one of these?  I'd love to read it - link yours in the comments below please.
What's something I wouldn't know just from your blog?

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