Thursday, July 12, 2012

In a Box

A few months ago I moved into my new apartment- Practically two blocks away from where I lived before. I love the neighborhood and the cute 1930's homes that are converted into duplex/triplex, all while keeping the character and cuteness of the homes. 

Funny story about moving into an older home: the doors are more narrow then your regular doors. Odd- I know. So trying to cram my favorite sofa into my new place was more than comical. We tried both doors at all angles, but there was just no way it was going to fit. 
After a few months of shopping around and measuring countless sofa's to see if they would fit through the doors, I discovered that IKEA has a few sofas with 'some assembly required'. Translated: you can get a sofa in a box. 

IKEA is a treat. Growing up in Europe, we always made a 'day-trip' out of it. Browsing the upstairs (decorated areas), stopping for MEATBALLS! and then off to the downstairs to buy all the fun items you can't live without;)
Yesterday, my sister and I made the trip, meatballs and all! 


Pictures taken by TheLane

Pictures and details of the new apartment to follow soon; Box-Sofa and all!

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