Friday, October 18, 2013


ok. it happened. i thought it was time to give the whole #instacloset a try. 
my sister and i went through our closets over the last few days to move out the summer and make room for winter (we all know winter takes up way more space in the closet... its all so bulky!)

after sorting though we decided a few items were worth selling. 
some still have tags, others only worn once.. like these cute sam & libbys !

so now for your shopping pleasure we have a #instacloset 
follow us here: @thelanescloset

h e r e    a r e   t h e    d e t a i l s :
all items incluse US shipping
all transactions are via PayPal
if you see something you like, leave your PayPal account email in the comment section 
(we will send you an invoice)

*if you see something you like but dont like the price...
let us know, we might be able to work something out :)

e a r l i e r   t h i s   w e e k:
m o n d a y || baby gray
t h u r s d a y || pretty pumpkins
f r i d a y || lemon water

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