Friday, October 11, 2013


happy friday sweet readers!
today,  i have a pretty little treat for you... 
as you've seen above, there is some major talent on the blog today. this talent is from my dear friend, becky. she makes these beautiful chalkboards for family, friends and now is started to sell them! because thats just how talented she is:)

i have turned to becky for all my chalkboard needs (and good long talks!) including the most recent one i commissioned her for when i hosted a baby gender reveal party a few weeks ago (see the 'ten little fingers....' board above). 
so i decided it was time to spread her talents and share it with you! this talent should not be a secret anymore which is why i had becky send over some pictures of her favorite boards and ask her a few questions about her work: 

1- When did you discover you had this amazing talent? 
"Throughout school I was always doodling while taking notes.  I never considered myself an artist, but would love to make art in words.  It wasn't until I saw a quote on Pinterest writing in a funky way and thought, "I could do that".  So I started copying artwork and playing around with chalk at home.  Once I discovered the chalk board paint pens that conveyed extreme precision, it was all down hill from there."

2- Is there chalkboard you are most proud of? Why? 
"I am most proud of the chalkboard I made for my mom (the 'patty' board above') on her birthday.  It was the first that I designed myself without the help of Pinterest.  I collected a list of words and phrases from my dad and siblings to put on the board.  As we all know, shopping for our parents can be difficult, and I felt like I was able to express how much I love and appreciate her through this board." 

3- How do you know when a work is finished?
"When a work is finished?? It varies.  Sometimes it is texting a friend(you:) to ask what they think.  Sometimes it is adding a fun border with scrolly touches.  I'm learning more and more to go outside the box with my creativity.  I erase ALOT! But mostly, I give it a day or so to just look at the board and decide "Ok, that's enough." "

4- Have you ever thought of selling these amazing boards on etsy?! 
"I would love to sell my boards on etsy.  Maybe I'm afraid of failure, and that my artwork would not hold up to the other pieces offered on Etsy. "

Other thoughts from my beautiful friend and the artist:
"I enjoy being a part of the boards that are for others.  To hear the way they admire and love their friends or families.  It is a unique gift that shows they truely care, and I feel honored to be a part of that. 
I have yet to find a good position to do the boards in.  I'm mainly on the floor, and after an hour or so, my knees are killing me. 
My husband can always tell when I start feeling really good about a board because I will go for a glass of wine to put on the finishing touches.
I feel like my best work is done when I can replicate a design.  I have fun creating new designs, but have yet to gain full confidence in it."

who doesn't love a great chalkboard?! 
i personally have 2 of becky's boards in my house. one is pictures above 
'being different..' and this prayer that hangs above my bead.

for more information you can email me.. i'm happy to pass any requests on to becky!!
lothelane (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. I think these are awesome and people would buy them!! What type of pen does she use? I have a chalkboard pen but I find it leaves a "ghosting" effect when I erase it.

  2. People would totally buy those! For real. What have you got to lose?

  3. @laura @okie yall are the sweetest!
    i'm hoping your sweet words will encourage miss becky to sell her work on a bigger scale:)

  4. so amazing! I'd love a chalkboard like that for my daughter's first birthday. Your friend is so talented!

  5. She should DEF open an Etsy shop!!