Thursday, October 3, 2013


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taken by me
taken by me
taken by me

which in round top means: oh my pie
this little pie and coffee shop is the cutest you ever did see!
in one of the adorable little houses on round top square you will find royers pie haven
there are not many places to find a good cup of coffee in round top - but this is a must enjoy spot. 

you might have heard of royers round top cafe
it's hard to miss when there are only a handful of dining options when in round top. 
royers has been around for a good while- known for 'bud' how runs the place and sits on the front porch to take your reservation. and for their amazing pies!

so its no surprise they have expanded and opened this adorable little 'pie haven'!
here you can even order pie for breakfast - pie cookies. savory pies. the list goes on. 

we stopped here two mornings for breakfast - the joe does not disappoint. 
the 'bobbies' breakfast pie was a little on the dry side but the pie-wiches were unreal. 

if you are passing through, or staying for antiques week- this place is a must try!