Monday, October 21, 2013


this weekend marked baylors 104th homecoming!
the game was against iowa state... and i can honestly say my mind was blown before the game even started.  we drove to waco and stopped for a few big o's before the game!

as we walked up towards the stadium and the now designated tailgating area i was taken back.... when i went to school there, tailgating was iffy. no tents, no big smokers or grills and certainly NO alcoholic beverages of any kind were permitted. now, it was like a big deal. people want to tailgate and all meet up before baylor games.... i could get used to this!
trying to get in the stadium was a different story... there were lines to get in to the stadium.. like there were not enough gates for people to get in on time to see the kick off. and once you were in the stadium, there were funnels of people trying to get to their seats, or lack there of. ya'll never in my baylor days have i seen so many people at a baylor game. it was over sold. people copied tickets and there were not enough seats to accommodate everyone. there were people standing in the isle and walkways... unreal...sic em bears!!!

 left picture: me     ||   right picture: source
left picture: source    ||     right picture: me

if you were in dallas on sunday and did not stop by the gypsy wagons swap and flea  you totally missed out and need to be sure you mark your calendar for the next one!
the gypsy wagon hosts a little one-day flea market and local vintage and antique vendors show up to sale and make a deal on their treasures!
gypsy wagon had a line at the check out- people couldn't fill their arms full enough with so many great finds! including myself:)
i walked away with the treasures in the above right picture: 

 2 sided smock wrapping paper   
-- originally $5... sold for $2 --
natural life linen hand towel
-- originally $18... sold for $10 --
2 baskets (a little loved)
-- originally $48 each.. sold for $5 each!! --
-- originally $48.... sold for $25 --

and... incase you missed fridays big announcement
my the little lane (my sister) and i opened a new #instacloset!
head on over and check it out, follow @thelanescloset - we will be posted new items ever so often!
*if you see something you like but dont like the price...
let us know, we might be able to work something out :)


  1. A gypsy market sounds a w e s o m e! Great find with the baskets!

  2. That flea market sounds right up my alley! I love finding little treasures!

  3. I would totally go to that flea market with you if I lived in Dallas. That looks like so much fun. Love the items you purchased as well :)

  4. My uncle went to Baylor and is OBSESSED :) If I'm in Dallas we should meet sometime! I'd love to go that market. Holler!