Wednesday, October 2, 2013


for the love of junk - round top, texas, is the mecca of junk!!!
and if you love junk, live in the south- its a journey you need to take. add it to your bucket list. 

this past weekend was the kick-off to fall antique week in round top and we were there to get our junk fix. it was as humid as you would expect... 95% humidity on the last weekend in september - totally normal. we walked and walked and walked for miles every day through the fields of vendors set up from all over the nation to see, feel, and smell all things old, rusty and peely. 
it was amazing. 

we did not come home with any major treasures but we had a blast non-the less 
and soaked up as much time with the old stuff as possible!

if you are following me on instagram, i documented my gypsy look each day.. somehow forgetting day 3- the junk must have been really good that day!! but the hair down on day one only lasted until we walked the first field, and then the hair went up and stayed up for the rest of the weekend!
this little 'coffee bug' has been coming to round top for years.. the front of this trailer is an old VW bug hooked up to a camper. the guy has made it into a coffee bar! complete with a tip jar to 'slow boat to tahiti' one day! 
the fields at la bahia are maybe my favorite place to start. 
its not too big - it has amazing dealers and the prices are just right too!!
we stumbled upon a new, darling georgia peach 'kara' who comes down from georgia every year.
her set up is amazing. her style and finds are even better!
this year she loaded up some amazing bolts of fabrics- i wanted them all!!
if your are in or close to tyrone, georgia you have to visit this sweet girl - shes opening her own store!!
follow her on   f a c e b o o k  and   i n s t a g r a m
oh a texas country sunset.... always amazing!
stepping into this venders booth smelt like stepping into an old tackle barn- the old leather, spurs and cowboy finds were so fun to dig though!
and sheds... they were everywhere this year. deer, mule deer, elk, you name it. 
they were selling it, decorating with it - all by the pound. 
gather as many as you wanted and it was weighed on a big scale ... $13/lbs. 
crazy what people find for free put a sale price one!
it was such a fun girls weekend!
the laughter, memories, margaritas and miles walked were all a blast- already counting down the days until the next show. might have to head back in the spring, if fall just seems to far away at that point!
happy junking all you gypsies out there!

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  1. How fun! I need to come visit next year and crash your girls trip :)