Wednesday, September 25, 2013


long locks are my favorite. 
getting really long locks takes time. which is why when they need a little trim, i almost clinch with every snip of the scissors. but when you have the best hair dresser in town - who also covets long locks, you know your in good hands. 
if your in dallas and are looking for your favorite new hair cut, color and style, let me know!

just a few days ago, i finally had to trim up the ends and get a fresh new shape. 
there's not a huge difference... but to me, cutting off 4inches is a lot! 
which is why i took before and after pictures... 
long, a little stringy and straggly 
still long(ish) fresh and bouncy

i love of a good hair cut, makes you feel better instantly. 
its like the time you spend in the chair has magical powers!