Friday, September 6, 2013


this is us at the airport before embarking on what will be forever a trip we remember. 
our dear friend, college roommate and all around full of life friend sarabeth tied the knot in newport beach this past weekend.

 over labor day weekend. 
at a double wedding.
on a boat. 
at sunset.
surrounded by close family and friends.
did i mention it was a double wedding?!

more on the wedding details and recap tomorrow. 
today's post is all about the fun, quick, adventures we had while in newport beach/balboa over the weekend. this was the first 'official' girls and significant other trip we have been on together since college. or ever really. and we decided we travel well together - laid back, no fuss. a group that can defiantly travel together again - fingers crossed we make it an annual trip!
(not back to newport beach, but somewhere new- i have a feeling a wine trip is in our future!!)

here are a few pictures to recap our walks around town. 
we tried to walk and see as much as possible, in the little time we had between wedding festivities...
we stumbled across this cute little farmers market- i was sad not to load up on all things fresh and locally grown...
breakfast day 1: we were so excited to find this local favorite tucked in the little streets of the peninsula. talk about charm, cozy and worth the wait! A l t a serves organic brewed coffee- bring your own mug and get .25cents off each cup!
this cute neighborhood yoga studio was just across the street from alta/breakfast...
so wish this was the little studio was in walking distance every morning!
you just can't get enough of the amazing blue, clear skies while in california. 
hence, why i am posting so many from the weekend;)
more pictures and memories from the wedding to follow on the blog soon!
maybe as early as tomorrow- but probably more like monday. so be sure to check back next week!!

happy weekend sweet friends!
x o x o


  1. Newport Beach is such a cute beach town!! Can't wait to hear more about the wedding!

    1. agreed- it was so fun! hope you stopped back for the wedding post // details!!

  2. SO glad that you had a great time in Orange County. I love Newport Beach/Balboa Island. The best time of year to go there is during Christmas with all the decorations and lights up. It's so beautiful!