Saturday, September 21, 2013


happy weekend to you!
this is a first for me.. blogging on a saturday... first time for everything i guess. 
but i just adore these pretty ladies too much to wait until monday to introduce you to them!

i hope you have been following along and met the 'b l o g g i n g  b e a u t i e s' in round one  and
 round two
he ladies i'm introducing you to today are ladies i love communicating with, reading their blogs daily and whom i love finding encouragement from to keep on blogging!  plus making new friends is what its all about:)

in no particular order, and because its hard to pick a first and last.. i love em all... 
meet: lauren
lauren and i met (in real life) over a year ago at a sheridan french blogger- appreciation photo shoot! if i remember correctly, lauren was just in the beginning stages of her new blog - and today she has one of the best houston-fashion blogs on the block! always out and about and dressed to impress!
lauren and i bond over all things hunting and camo... but we were ahead of the fall trends of 2013!
just in time for the upcoming hunting season lauren sent me these darlings:)
meet: brittani 
as you know the lovely aubrey designed my blog (and i love it!!). because i love her work, i like to follow along her portfolio page to see other pretty blogs she has been working on. which is where i came across the beautiful brittani over at linen & lace.  
i left a comment on her new blog design, started following along on her blog and found out shes a fellow texas girl with a wonderful heart and love for the Lord! 
meet: brittany
last of the 'b l o g g i n g  b e a u t i e s' but by no means least- is the beautiful bride-to-be brittany!
i came across her blog a while back now, and this post has stuck with me every since.. i think i have read it several times since then. 
since following brittani's blog i have so enjoyed her intentional posts on Christ centered relationships, praying for your significant other and growing together in your faith. 
we have exchanged multiple emails over the past few months... and i am happy to say this pretty lady has me hooked on a wonderful devotional. best part about it is, i have gained a wonderful new friend!

all of the 'b l o g g i n g   b e a u t i e s' in round one, two and three have grown dear to my heart! 
i look forward to each blog post, comment, tweet, email and letter from each and everyone of these ladies! i hope you have found ladies in this big-blogging-space who you connect with, are encouraged by, learn from and build friendships with!

e a r l i e r   t  h i s  w e e k :
t h u r s d a y || blogging beauties 1 
f r i d a y || blogging beauties 2 
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  1. Love these posts! You're awesome. Can't wait to go check out these ladies. Hope you're having a great weekend!