Friday, September 20, 2013


good morning lovelies!
as promised, this little 'b l o g g i n   b e a u t i e s' is a three-part series... 
did you catch yesterday's round one?!

the ladies i'm introducing you to today are ladies i love communicating with, reading their blogs daily and whom i love finding encouragement from to keep on blogging! 
plus making new friends is what its all about:)

in no particular order, and because its hard to pick a first and last.. i love em all... 
meet: ashley
ashley just re-launched her blog- i am loving the feel and design, be sure to stop on by and leave her a comment! 
ashley's blog got me hooked merely because i love the variety she posts about- from adorable outfit and 'c u r r e n t l y   l o v i n g' posts, c o o k i n g   p o s t s and because who doesn't love a southern girl!?
meet: kasey 
i came across kaseys blog through theresa over at 'from foothills to fog' blog. 
her p i n t e r e s t inspired outfit posts are so cute- she's making my fall closet wish-list expand ;)
meet: mallorie
this sweet girl has been a favorite for a while now. if you are not following mallorie on her blog or on instagram you are missing out. seriously. 
mallorie and her husband are exploring alaska one amazing picture at a time!
and because she is oh-so-darling we have started a 'real mail' exchange as well. we both agreed hand written notes should not be a thing of the past- so pretty paper and stamps are being sent from texas all the way to alaska as you read this post today!

happy weekend!
be sure to come back tomorrow for the final post of three-part series of the 'b l o g g i n  b e a u t i e s'!!
x o x o


  1. All such lovely blogs!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  2. I just recently found Ashley's blog and I am loving it! I love her outfit posts especially. Thanks for including me in this girl, I'm so flattered! :D