Monday, September 9, 2013


and now for the much awaited details and pictures from the beautiful weeding weekend in newport beach.... there was no time to carry around my big nikon with me- not exactly what fits into a clutch! -  so the iphone had to do the trick from start to finish! 

i broke down the wedding events from the weekend... hope this makes it easier to follow along...
it all happened between early saturday morning and landing back in dallas on monday evening. talk about a fun filled, whirlwind kinda weekend!! 

R O U N D    O N E :
we left the airport and headed straight for brunch at  w o o d y 's   w h a r f
there we were greeted with bottomless mimosas and some very large and yummy brunch portions. 
this is a recommended stop if you are looking for a fun group brunch - $14 for bottomless and brunch!
love these girls and the friendship i have with each of them!

R O U N D    T W O :
the same night we met up in the hills of newport beach, overlooking balboa, in a private home for a reception to honor both brides and their grooms! the view was breathtaking. the decorations, foods, and drinks were wonderful as well. but celebrating with friends for this special occasion was just the best!
can you believe the skies over the hills?!
this is no filter... loving the pink/purple skies that God graced us with for the evening!

R O U N D   T H R E E :
the reason we made the trip- the wedding!!
it finally came together and went off without a hick-up - it was simply beautiful and so full of joy and love all around. the brides were glowing, the grooms were holding back tears- it was priceless!!
(maybe just a small time delay- but hey, its a wedding - the bride(s) get to call the shots!)
on the left, caroline and her dad... and on the right our girl sarabeth and her dad (same daddy;)
can you believe the emotions this daddy faced... walking two daughters down the isle on the same day... the same ceremony even. i can't believe he made it without tears running down his face!
first caroline and david were announced husband and wife... 
and then sarabeth and karson!!
karson went in for two kisses- so cute to see his love for sarabeth!!
clearly we all love us some shades of pink!!
or maybe we were just not quite ready to let go of the colors of summer?! 
love you ladies to pieces- cant wait for our next trip together. 
i am penciling in napa for 2014!
and last but not least, me and my handsome cowboy!
we got him all cleaned up... but i made sure he kept the cowboy boots with the look:)
the boat- all gussies up as we walked away from an amazing evening!

here's to the beautiful couples- we are so grateful you asked us to be apart of your special day!
wishing both couples nothing but love, blessings and a life filled with happiness:)


  1. So beautiful! Weddings are such a blast :) You and your cowboy are adorable!

    1. thanks girl:) i like getting all dolled up sometimes, makes for a fun(ner) night out!!

  2. WOW!
    I've never been to a double wedding before. Looks like it was a lot of fun. How did you like it being on the boat? I would be afraid of getting sea sick! haha

    LOVE your dress that you wore to the wedding. Such a pretty shade of pink :)

  3. You looked so beautiful! I love that pink dress, it looked great on you! I've never known someone to attend a double wedding, so cool/fun that you were able to go to one.