Monday, November 4, 2013


there is just something about these wild mustangs i cannot get enough of. 
when i am at the ranch, i always look forward to riding along in the truck and heading out to feed and count the wild mustangs, at least once during a visit. 
even if it means opening and closing the gates along the way!

driving into a pasture and watching these beautiful mustangs run in from all corners is fascinating. 
once they see or hear the truck, its like the dinner bell goes off and they come running as fast as they can to get their first! now, from some of the pictures your might be able to see some of the mustangs have their ears back... they are full of energy with a little side of mean-ness. reminder, therese mustangs are completely wild, not an ounce of tame in their body! so they will 'fight', kick, bite and stomp to make it to the feed first. 

hope you enjoy these pictures- they make me smile just looking back at them!

on another note... 
have you seen the pretty new changes on the blog, in particular the side bar?!
thanks to the beautiful work of aubrey from the kinch life design there are now pretty social media buttons , categories and even a grab button up for grabs to share your love for the life of the lane blog!!

please give a warm welcome to all the lovely ladies on my sidebar! 
i have built a sweet 'blog friend' relationship with each of these darling girls, so excited to share my love for them and their blogs on my blog!

t h e r e s a || from foothills to fog
a m a n d a || the lady okie
b r i t t a n y || happy is a choice
b r i t t a n i || linen & lace
l a u r a || happily ever parker

let me know what you think of the new button!
happy monday and november -- wait, its november already? i.e.: holiday season?!
where did this year go?
x o x o 


  1. beautiful mustangs...I'd love to see them myself one day! Horses and Holidays...two of my favorite things :)

  2. Love these photos. The colors are so pretty and those horses so majestic! Just buttoned up to you! Yay!

  3. Love these images and your button! Grabbing it now. Thanks for spreading the love! :)

  4. I hope to one day live somewhere where I could watch wild mustangs just run around...that would be so awesome!!

    LOVING what Aubrey did. It looks good girl!