Tuesday, November 5, 2013


w a l l e t || michael kors
i p h o n e 
w a t e r  b o t t le || camelback
s u n g l a s s e s || ray bans
k e y   r i n g  || tiffany's
t o t e  || mz wallace
b a b y   l i p s || maybelline 

on the daily my bag is more crowded than the few items listed above 
but these are the staples that i never take out of my bag! 

additionally i almost always have a koozie with me (camo of course).  a yoga teaching script and a bottle of essential oil (normally lavender). its great to dab on your wrist when you need a clam moment and i like using it at the end of a yoga class when i give the students a nice shoulder massage. 

whats in your bag? 
do you have something you can't leave the house without?!


  1. A corkscrew! Someone pointed out to me it doubles as a weapon in case of emergency. Brilliant!

  2. I 2nd Laura, definitely need a corkscrew! I carry a koozie in my purse too! Our friends were over a few weeks ago and stumbled upon our koozie Drawer in the kitchen! What can I saw, we like our beer cold! I need a new purse so badly, then maybe I'll do a "whats in my bag" post!

  3. i have WAY too much stuff in my bag. it's kinda sad.
    but i always have band aids, in case i get blisters! ha

    love your darling blog! found it through aubrey! xo

  4. That wallet is so pretty..love me some MK!