Friday, November 22, 2013

MAMA FOX | BABY FOX cocktail shaker bar set   3.patina store fox glasses bar cart
5.sole society scarf   6.sole society scarf   7.mod cloth scarf   8.uncommon goods mugs 
9.patina store tea towels   10.asos waist belt   11.tory burch bracelet  12.tory burch makeup bag  
13.tory burch sold out:(

1.nordstrom knit sweater 2.miken clothing 'fox tee 3.jellycat fox stuffed animal 
4.nordstrom fox ornament  5. mud pie fox stroller toy 6. mud pie fox rattle 
7. jelly cat fox stuffed animal 8. nordstrom knot blanket   9. mud pie pacifier clip 
10. mud pie pacifier clip  11. patina store 'critter' mask kit  
12. blabla doll 'socks' the fox  13. blabla doll 'suzette the fox'

it's all things FOX on the blog today!
one of nearest and dearest friends is obsessed with any and all foxes... including her husband whom she calls her fox:) anyway... 
there are so many foxy things everywhere lately, so i decided to make a mama and baby fox must have gift list. there were just too  many things to choose from and somehow i ended up picking 13 items on each list. the fox tea-towels are defiantly my favorite! and the 'hidden fox' mugs make a great gift to any mamma fox lover! as for a favorite item on the baby fox list?! the pacifier clips are the best thing - they were all the rage when we lived in germany... so excited to see they have made it across the ocean!

congratulations to the 'fall favorites' giveaway lucky winner rhiannon !!   ||   lets get social here!


  1. I did a gift guide today too and great minds must think alike because it featured that target bar cart