Monday, November 11, 2013


is the answer!

with the holidays creeping up on us, its time to think holiday parties and family get-togethers! which for most of us means stocking up on your favorite beverages!
mine is champagne. 
if i had to pick my all time favorite champagne drink, it would just be straight bubbles, super chilled in a pretty glass. second would be a glass of bubbles with a splash of st. germain. it adds just a little hint of sweet and girly!

browsing pinterest recently i came across some fun holiday champagne drinks!
each of them look like they deserve a taste test- shall we!?!

and lastly this beauty!
a society sparkler or: a white peach & cardamom bellini
who wouldn't want to have pretty edible gold stars on their rim at your holiday party this year?!

do you have a signature drink?
or even better- what holiday drink are you serving this year?!


  1. St. Germain and Champagne is THE best combo! Love it! We were destined to be friends!! Love this collection of bubbly drinks for the holidays! xoxo

  2. Love champagne! Never thought to have it with St. Germain what a festive combo!

  3. I want to make that last bellini drink SOLELY for the edible gold stars.
    I'm hoping to throw a NYE party this year, and that would be perfect for my party!

  4. champagne is always the answer. but that bellini drink by far sounds amazing. will have to try these out soon! xo