Friday, July 11, 2014


hello weekend! 
are you already day-dreaming about the adult beverage you are going to consume after work today!?
my current go-to summer drink (when i'm not margaritas!!) is: 
coconut vodka, orange lacroix and a squeeze of an orange slice. 
ya'll - its summer in a glass, and depending on the ice its like an adult snow cone!
a must try :)

 + + on this weekends tasting menu… lemon cream shrimp! (maybe minus or light on the cream!)

+ + we made a quick day trip down to waco a few weeks ago, and had to stop for a college favorite: common grounds
my must-have off the menu every time: 'rodeo clown, half the pumps, with skim, on ice'!
it was so fun hitting up old favorite stomping grounds for the day! also, if you have not driven down I35 in a while… don't get distracted and drive off the rode when you approach Waco… holy smokes Baylors new stadium is unreal! sic em!!

+ + don't walk, RUN! the anthropologie tag sale is still going on with an additional 20%!!


  1. My gosh that drink sounds incredible! I hope you're having an amazing summer my friend! xo