Thursday, November 1, 2012


:photo taken with iPhone:

yesterday being halloween, my friend beck and i made dinner and desert inspired by all things pumpkin/ squash!

beck made dinner.. it was delish! stuffed acorn squash, hard to go wrong!

for not being the best baker- i liked how easy this desert was to make! i like to toss in ingredients by what looks good when i cook, so baking is really hard for me.. all measurements have to be exact- its frustrating!

(actually there have been serval deserts that have just landed in the trash due to me not following measurements and exact directions... oooops!!)

the squares turned out to be super easy, mess free and the perfect mix of pumpkin and chocolate! even the non-baker in me was impressed!

*only thing i changed- told you i cant follow directions:) - i substituted cinnamon for pumpkin-spice. 

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