Thursday, November 15, 2012


day three.. we were getting antsy about sitting in the car...
but the hills and mountains of tennessee were so beautiful it was another great and breathtaking drive. we drove across the eastern continental divide, through the great smokey mountain national park, right through nashville, only to end up at sunset in the cute little town of brentwood. we stayed in the most adorable home with an even more darling family:)

with 'sandy' blowing through the north eastern states only a week before our trip, the foliage was almost non-existing. but by the time we made it to tennessee it was absolutely stunning!

i took this picture as we were leaving the next morning, on the iphone, #nofilter... just perfect! 


  1. i used to teach in brentwood!! at lipscomb elememtary. isn't it the sweetest town?

  2. thanks for your sweet comment:) yes-brentwood was adorable, and i've decided i would be ok with moving there- if theres a missing person report...thats where to start looking:) xoxo