Friday, March 8, 2013


while spending time with sp last week, we had the chance to catch up on our date nights and one on one time. one of our dates included a 4-wheeler, treasure hunting, armadillo hunting, walking the land together hand in hand, and covering as much land as possible to find as many deer sheds as possible before the sunset over the hill!
we have been deer shed hunting before and found not-a-one. but this must have been our lucky day- we found 5! 
fun fact: if you didn't know, deer shed (loose) their antlers every year naturally, and grow new, bigger antlers throughout the year. they normally don't loose both at the same time or place, so when you luck out to find a matching set its a big deal. and on this particular quest we found a matching set! 
we also found countless turtle shells, but i only save the one (see above) that was different from the rest, with two dark spots. another cool thing we found (sorry forgot to get a picture of it) was an old milk-glass mentholatum jar. they don't make them in glass jars anymore- so it was a fun find. the jar now holds the dead flower buds i plucked - i will fill it with fresh flowers when spring arrives at the ranch! 
loved this date night- it was just the two of us, hand in hand, enjoying the land, each others company and several hours without distractions or any kind of schedule- it was perfect. 


  1. So fun! What are you going to do with your finds? We're going on a shed hunt in two weeks!

  2. We make wine holders, bottle openers, jewelry holders:) ( and display around the house! hoping to make a antler wreath this fall! - cant wait to see your finds from your shed hunt!!