Friday, March 15, 2013


while i was away for a few weeks, a friend of mine watched over my humble abode, picked up my mail and watered my plants for me. 
a bottle of tequila from mexico, or bucket of beer would have done the trick too- but i thought something that would last longer would say thank you in a more meaningful way. so off to the local nursery i went this morning to put together two pots to say thank you!

i'm no master gardener by any stretch of the imagination (i've managed to kill the most durable plants in the past) but there is one things i alway remember when planting pots: 
'the thrill, the fill, the spill'
the thrill: the tall green in the back is a 'foxtail fern'. 
the fill: two different while flowers. one of which is called 'alyssum' the other i cant remember
the spill: the ivy, it will start to grow heavy and fall over the side of the pots

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