Tuesday, June 24, 2014


real talk: i have some super talented friends!
caroline and ellie being two of them. 

they came up with this brilliant idea  : PETS WHO PARTY

what: they create a personalized watercolor portrait of your pet(s) having a good time! cracking open a cold one, smoking a stogie, wearing a party hat and enjoying a birthday cake-  or however you think your pet would live it up!

how: pick your portrait size. send a picture of your precious pet and then let them know how your pet likes to party!

its genius, truly. hats off to these two sisters to come up with this darling idea and run with it!
i guess thats what you get when you have amazing talent in the family :)
if your looking for a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, or go ahead and knock your christmas shopping out - these girls will not let you down!! 

for more information visit Pets Who Party or email them: petswhoparty@gmail.com

images via: petswhoparty.com