Monday, January 28, 2013


a few days ago, i posted that i was only a short few days away from being a certified yoga instructor... well as of yesterday evening it's official! I AM A CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER! the past six months have been amazing. i went through training with some amazing ladies, even made friends for life. i enjoyed learning something i was truly interested in, oh and a little sanskrit on the side! my personal practice grew so much, i have enjoyed pushing myself and finding my new edge and passion in my personal practice. 
thank you to our amazing instructor, yoga guru and friend, the inspirational and beautiful susie caicedo! you helped each of us grown into our personal practice and find a voice for teaching what we truly love! (and you kicked my yoga butt five times a week for the past six months and it was worth every inch of pain and drop of sweat!)

toasting to the occasion with laughter, smiles and of course a little champagne and mala-beads!
he's to each and every one of you- it's been a life changing experience! 
see you on the mat soon. 

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