Monday, January 7, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! and welcome back to the blog... i took a few days off from life, work and obviously the blog but im back to reality today. monday- ugh. 
with the new year upon us, many of us have set a few (hopefully attainable) resolutions! if one of yours is to shed a few pounds, why not kick start your new meal plan with a juice cleanse?! start the new year and new you off with a clean system is a good idea!
i did the 3-day juice challenge by ROOTS JUICES to start off my new year and wanted to share with you how it works and what you can expect! bottoms up!

so here's the skinny (pun intended!) on drinking juices for three days:
1- start gettin' it on your mind a few days before.. it takes a lot to wrap your head around no solid foods for 3 days 
2- know that each time you juice your body may react differently. 
(i've never had flu-like-symptoms before, but i did this time around)
3- and finally, it's easier to have a friend to do this with at the same time. encouraging one another will make it go by much faster!

the cleanse i did the past 3 days was from Roots Juices a cool local juicing company in dallas i chose to do the the 6-pack cleanse that includes a protein pack once a day. (due to the fact that i was in yoga teacher training during the first two days of the cleanse, i wanted to be sure i was getting enough protein with all the excising). 
there are 8 juices/waters to get your through the day, and to be completely honest, i never got really hungry. i got snaky, but that was most likely due to that fact that i was missing the feeling of chewing instead of drinking a meal. the liquids keep you full. 

now here's the real skinny: i would do without the Chlorophyll H2P next time around,but the Healthy Nut Almond Milk is my absolute favorite.. its' literally like 'candy milk'! 

the great thing about Roots Juices is you can customize your cleanse with any of the juices you like best- so when you place your order be sure to get the juices you want! 
juices day 1

last day

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  1. Just ordered my first cleanse. Doing the 5 day. I'm all in. Hoping to drop 10 lbs.