Thursday, January 31, 2013


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if you plan on making a commitment to your mat (and yourself) this year it might require a little investing in some good yoga basics. and by commitment i mean you get on your mat a few times a week and really sweat it out!
first things first: GET YOUR OWN MAT. most studios will provide you with a loaner mat, but lets be real, how many people have dripped their body content of sweat on it before you did? just get your own! if your new to yoga and a manduka mat is a little over your budget, target sells great mats too (my first mat was from target!)
second: what you wear to the studio is total up to you. there's a lot of lululemon out there, but don't feel like you have to wear lulu to do yoga! 
personally two of my go-to items at the moment are from the Trek Jacket and the Pegasus Leggings are the most comfortable yoga items i currently own. 
lastly: two accessories that go with me everywhere are the take me with you tote and the vinyasa scarf -->even outside of yoga the bag has become a travel staple and the scarf an everyday go to when i leave the house. 

food for thought when you are on your mat:
-listen to your body. just because the yogi next to you is in some crazy inversion doesn't mean you need to hurt yourself to get into the same pose. 
-every day is different on the mat. one day you might have the best balance, the next day standing in tree post might seem like the most difficult pose ever. 
-if you've been going to yoga for a while, try to tune into the verbal cues the teacher is giving the class. alignment is very important! 
-relax and enjoy your time on the mat. remember that time if for you!!
oh and always remember to breath!!

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