Friday, February 1, 2013


today's post is a little personal. 
the morning i turned 25 (a few years ago) i woke up the morning of my birthday to my first gray hair. crazy! for a while there was just one or two, but then they started multiplying... no i was not plucking them. just hard to hide when there are more than just a few. 
getting hooked on having someone color/highlight my hair was something i was addicted to for too many years and didn't want to turn back to. so i decided to try it on my own. 
i went with something not as intense, no as hard to mess up and something that would washout (over 3 months) if i really messed up that bad. 
wella is the brand i use. i chose a demi-permanent haircolor (non lasting) that needs to be mixed with the color charm activation lotion: 1 part color, 2 parts lotion. 
it looks a little dark in this picture but my color of choice is 6G 6/35 dark golden brown (this is almost exactly my natural color)!

helpful hints:
-wear a shirt you don't mind getting stains on 
-wear gloves!! 
-i like to use a slant tipped applicator 
-lay a towel out around your work area- its a little messy 
-be sure to catch the drips on your forehead 
-try to section off your hair, cover all of your scalp first, then go back for the rest
(rub it in to your scalp to get full coverage!)
-let sit for 20  minutes (you can use a shower cap, but i don't)
-when its time to rinse, just get in the shower and let it all run down the drain

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