Wednesday, February 13, 2013


last week, my besties (who is getting married), husband-to-be was in town and we all decided drinks and dinner were much needed to catch up and spend time together! 
trying to find a reservation last minute in dallas is not the easiest, but thanks to 'open table' we got in on someones cancelation!
our drinking whole of choice: the meddlesome moth. drinks: greatfood: amazing

it is very unlike us to not order off the menu, but when the daily specials are so amazing we couldn't resist!
heres what we devoured: a baked salmon salad, shrimp and grits, swordfish on a bed of orzo (the best thing i've ate in a really long time) and very fresh lobster, caught only a day ago- nothing short of amazing. 

we ended up going all seafood- and did not regret any of the items ordered! and as you can tell from the aftermath picture below, we 'licked' the plates trying to soak up every last taste of deliciousness....

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