Friday, February 8, 2013


you've heard me say this before, but i really do have the best friends and family. 
for the past month, my friend becky and sister and i had scheduled to toast with margaritas after completing my yoga training this past friday. 
while on my way to meet them at the restaurant i got a phone call from my sister that her car wouldn't start asking me to come pick her up. reluctantly (was only a few blocks away from sipping on that yummy marg) i detoured and headed to pick her up. when i pulled up, all of my friends cars were parked out front and waiting inside with champagne, food and a margarita machine!! i said hello to all the girls and then we went outside to say hi to the guys who were out by the fire pit. little did i know there was another surprise awaiting. as i said hi to all of my friends significant others, i started telling a very irrelevant story.. and my sister stopped and asked me if i had said hi to everyone... when i looked around, SP walked out of the dark!! he was hiding, waiting to surprise me for the best icing on the cake of a perfect surprise party!! becky and my sister had been in cahoots with him for the past month about making this surprise happen. he drove in that afternoon and i had no idea! 
shortly before leaving my house i had texted on of our mutual friends (megan!) to tell her i was headed to sip on some margs to celebrate with becky and sister, and included in the text how i wished SP was here to celebrate with me! she knew all along and kept a great secret too!

to everyone involved in making the surprise happen- thank you, you are the best! it was a perfect party and i loved being surrounded by all my favorite people! thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!

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