Monday, February 18, 2013


this past week, my bestie, (who has been a frequent flyer here this month!) and i decided we would take each other to valentines drinks... since both of our men were not in town for the occasion. 
and so we picked a dallas classic and never-to-dissapoint margarita drinking hole: mi cocina. you know the margarita i'm talking about.. the mambo-taxo... first it makes you do the mambo, and then you'll need a taxi to get home... thats how it got it's name!
we sat, ate, drank and laughed the night away! and decided that in the future when our men are not in town, this would be our valentines day tradition. 

we had a blast to say the least! hope you all were able to celebrate with a favorite friend, loved one and/or significant other this valentines day- or maybe you treated yourself to something very special. no matter which of the above, i hope it made you smile, feel important and loved!
here's to my bestie: you made me feel special and you have my heart forever!! 

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