Tuesday, February 12, 2013


spoiler alertyou may or may not be getting one of the following valentines day cards in your mail box this week!
i am not a big fan of 'celebrating' valentines day. but rather i think love and those your love should be celebrated everyday! but valentines day is a good reminder to tell the ones we love that they are special and loved!
so this year i made something simple and sweet to share the love!

supplies needed:
     *red/pink card stock
     *white notecards
     *glue stick
     *sewing machine 
how to:
     *cute the colored paper with desired heart sizes
     *glue the hearts to the notecards- place in a row(ish)
     *sew the harts to the card - proceed slowly as needle punctures paper 
     *cut extra string from cards
     *write a love note and stuff into envelope for snail mail or hand deliver:)


  1. These are so so cute! Love how you made them and will possibly copy some of your ideas as well!! Happy (early) Valentine's Day to you!! xo

  2. copy away! they were so easy and fun to make!
    your glitter ones are pretty impressive though- glitter is good any and all times!! happy (early) valentines to you too:) xo