Monday, July 22, 2013


i love me some sunsets. i love 'em even more when i get to enjoy them with my hunny. if you follow me on instagram, you will see how much i love sunsets and love to capture them!
watching the sunset behind the ranch is amazing, theres nothing to block the view and its like an open canvas for God to get to work on a 'watercolor painted' sky! 
the above pictures are pure, all natural, no filter kinda goodness.... we took a hand in hand stroll to our favorite spot to watch the sunset on the ranch and i just had to share these beauties with you guys!!

are you a sunset fanatic too?! share your instagram name below so i can find your favorite sky captured on film! i am loving the alaska skies the beautiful mallorie owens has been posting!!! 


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    1. pamala- thank you for your daily read and love on the blog:)